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Mayor Slay In Bed With Big Law Firm

Mayor Slay In Bed With Big Law Firm. Missouri Tax Payers To Be Taken To Cleaners By Lewis Rice & Fingersh.

Another disgrace is taking place with your tax dollars. The City of St.Louis has unanimously approved a $300,000.00 loan that is forgivable and does not need to be re-paid so that the millionaire attorneys from a 200 person St.Louis law firm of Lewis Rice and Fingersh can buy new fancy desks for themselves in a move to new offices. See St.Louis Business Journal Article dated Friday, October 16th, 2009. The City through its St.Louis Development Corp. decided it must have too much money, federal money that is, and decided to spread the wealth, but the wrong way. It is not giving to the poor, the needy, the hungry, but to rich attorneys to help them move. Now the City of St.Louis on behalf of Lewis, Rice and Fingersh (Lewis & Rice) wants to petition to Missouri Development Finance Board, a State agency, to approve over $5 million of tax payer money to help the law firm move to fancy new offices at One City Center and you the tax payer will be paying for that.

This is absurd injustice at its greatest. This is insulting to the tax payers of the City of St.Louis and all the residents of the Great State of Missouri and to all tax payers throughout the country. Media should take note of this and help stop this abuse. Lewis Rice & Fingersh has donated thousands of dollars to city and State officials and now its pay back time with your tax dollars. County Executive Charley Dooley received a $10,000.00 political contribution this year. The City of St.Louis Mayor received a $5,000.00 this year alone in contributions as well. There is a conflict here. Its politics the old fashioned way, the corrupt way.

How can you get in on some of these favors with Mayor Slay, well, give him a $10,000.00 political contribution (is that what its called) and he will give you back $300,000.00 and ask the State for $5 million, thats how. You scratch Mayor Slay’s back and he will more then scratch your back. So what else did the chairman of Lewis Rice & Fingersh Jack Pruellage have to say or do for the Mayor to get such special treatment. Mr. Jack Pruellage who takes home a seven figure income needs tax payers to buy him new furniture for his new offices and he prefers the tax payers pay for his fancy new furniture and for his move. Why should he pay for it when he has Mayor Slay for a friend.

Think of all the homeless, the hungry and the needy there are out there. Think of how many blankets and bologna sandwiches can be bought with that money. But Mayor Slay found a better home for it, in the pockets of Lewis Rice & Fingersh attorneys and Jack Pruellage, its chairman. The Missouri Development Finance Board meeting to hear the proposal to provide $5 million to One City Center building so that the law firm can move and have fancy new offices, will be held at 8:30 AM, Tuesday October 20th at the Rennaissance Grand Suites at 827 Washington Ave., Lennox Room, St.Louis, MO.

Action must be taken to stop abuse and waste of tax payers dollars to enrich millionaire attorneys at your tax payers expense. The partners at Lewis and Rice make $400,000 to $600,000 per year and the chairman Jack Pruellage makes millions per year and Missouri tax payers will help him get richer. No wonder they say its a “Great Country America”. Sure is, but great for who ? Officials on the take with public money, thats for who. Politics Chicago style no doubt, right here in Missouri.

Call Governor Jay Nixon to voice your objection at 573-751-3222 and your local State Representative’s office. You should also call the Missouri Development Finance Board at 573-751-8479 to complain about the proposal and tell them not to do it. Call the Mayor Francis Slay at 314-622-3201 and make him aware that receiving political contributions and then using tax payers money to buy furniture for Lewis Rice & Fingersh is plain wrong.

Submitted by Citizens Against Waste, a non for profit organization aiming at stopping waste and abuse of tax payers money. Phones 314-226-2808 or 314-226-2146.

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New Educational Site Empowers Lawyers and Plaintiffs

In 1999, Bill Tilley launched the legal finance industry in California, helping lawyers and firms get their finances on track with Themis Capital. Since then, he’s been instrumental in building that industry as the largest provider of legal financial services. His financial expertise in the area of law grew to include guiding plaintiffs through the settlement process with comprehensive settlement planning. This devotion to creating a full service financial company for the legal community led to Amicus Capital Services, LLC.

comprehensive settlement planning

Now, Bill Tilley and Amicus Capital Services are taking that extra step, launching an educational site on innovative settlement planning. Amicus Capital Services’ Settlement Planning Blog provides attorneys and plaintiffs with in depth information on legal finance, settlement planning, structured attorney’s fees and structured settlements, among other topics.

“The path to a settlement or verdict can be a very difficult process, but achieving the resolution is just the beginning,” says Mr. Tilley. “There are many settlement planning issues to consider to maximize the recovery. Generally speaking Medicaid, Medicare and ERISA liens should be negotiated; often trusts have to be created. Investment decisions have to be made.

“Too many lawyers and plaintiffs are unprepared for what happens after the settlement or favorable judgment is achieved. The Settlement Planning Blog is setup to empower plaintiffs and attorneys with necessary knowledge and innovative settlement planning.”

What are the plaintiff’s fiscal options to create a secure future with their settlement? The site answers this question with a break down of those options. What is the attorney’s responsibility towards the plaintiff in settlement planning? This question is asked and answered as well, pointing toward pertinent areas of law.

In addition, the Settlement Planning Blog provides the resources necessary to further investigate the various issues of settlement planning. These resources include a list of insurance companies that offer structured settlements, and links to settlement resources such as the Academy of Special Needs Planners and the Society of Settlement Planners, among others. Government resources are covered as well, adding information such as disability benefits, SSI death benefits and retirement benefits.

“We’re not lawyers,” Mr. Tilley states. “We’re the pioneers – financial experts that specialize in settlement planning and helping law firms move up to the next level. Through the Settlement Planning Blog we share with our readers the knowledge gained from over ten years’ experience in the industry.”

To read more on settlement planning, please visit:
For more information on Amicus Capital Services, LLC, please visit their website at:

About Amicus Capital Services, LLC
Created by the founders of the attorney financing industry, Amicus offers the financing you require and the expertise you need to further leverage your expertise in your fight for justice.

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Dallas Digital Forensics Expert Erin Nealy Cox Has Earned A Spot On The Dallas Business Journal’s “40 Under 40” List Of The City’s Top Young Business Minds

Dallas digital forensics expert Erin Nealy Cox has earned a spot on the Dallas Business Journal’s “40 Under 40” list of the city’s top young business minds. Ms. Nealy Cox is a Managing Director and Deputy General Counsel for the global digital forensics firm Stroz Friedberg.

She joins a high-caliber list of entrepreneurs and executives recognized for their accomplishments, business insights and potential to shape the city’s economic future for years to come. The Dallas Business Journal staff pored over hundreds of nominations from local business leaders to develop the annual “40 Under 40” list.

Ms. Nealy Cox leads Stroz Friedberg’s Dallas’ office and cutting-edge computer forensics lab. The firm represents public and private businesses, global corporations, law firms, government agencies and courts in digital forensics, electronic discovery and cyber security matters.

A former federal prosecutor, Ms. Nealy Cox previously served as the Computer Hacking and Intellectual Property Coordinator for the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Texas – Dallas Division. She led major cyber-crime prosecutions across the United States and handled numerous complex white-collar fraud, public corruption, intellectual property theft and child-exploitation cases. During her distinguished career with the Department of Justice, Ms. Cox also served as chief of staff and senior counsel for the Office of Legal Policy at Main Justice in Washington, D.C.

Prior to her work as a prosecutor, Ms. Nealy Cox served federal judicial clerkships for the Hon. Barefoot Sanders in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas and the Hon. Henry A. Politz of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. She earned her undergraduate degree at the University of Texas before completing her legal studies at the Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law.

About Stroz Friedberg
Stroz Friedberg is the leading global consulting firm for managing digital risk and uncovering digital evidence. We specialize in digital forensics, eDiscovery, data breach response, and cyber and traditional investigations, as well as other areas that involve the widening intersection between technology, law, and policy. With eleven offices throughout the US and the UK, Stroz Friedberg does work on behalf of eight of the top Fortune 10 companies, 72 of the top 100 US-headquartered law firms, and 16 of the top UK law firms. The firm is also Safe Harbor-certified to ensure data security standards for European Union clients. Find out more at www.strozfriedberg.com.

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Increased Number Of People Seeking Legal Advice On Employment Issues

Data from home insurer LV= reveals a sharp rise of 21% in calls to its legal helpline for advice. A quarter of all calls relate to employment issues such as redundancy – a rise of a third compared with 2008.


Further research conducted by LV= found that consumers are increasingly seeking legal advice in the recession, with up to one million people having to take legal advice on employment issues in the last 12 months*. Current unemployment numbers stand at 1.92 million people in the UK*.

Almost half of the people who have sought legal advice about an employment issue in the last year (47%) cited the recession as the cause of their problems*. Common problems included being asked to work reduced hours, requested to take a pay cut or being made redundant.

LV=’s analysis of employment related calls made to its legal advice helpline in the first quarter of 2009 shows that employers were acting illegally in one in three cases. In addition to the helpline, the legal cover that LV= offers as part of its home insurance will pay solicitors fees of up to £50,000 in the event of a case being pursued, with any payouts won being unaffected.

Almost half of the people questioned in the LV= research (48%) said that the company they work for has made redundancies since the onset of the credit crunch. A quarter (26%) also said that hours have been cut and the same number said that pay rises had been cancelled*.

The research by LV= revealed that potentially over half of all UK adults (55%) have had to take some form of legal advice in the past, with the majority opting to speak to a private solicitor as the first port of call despite the high costs involved*. The average cost of such advice is £708 per case. This compares with a cost of just £18.90 a year for adding legal cover – including unlimited use of the helpline and up to £50,000 in legal fees – to a LV= home insurance policy.

John O’Roarke, managing director of LV= home insurance, said: “The statistics from our helpline show that an increasing number of people are looking for legal help because of employment problems caused directly by the recession. The issues are far ranging, covering redundancies, a reduction in hours and pay, or changes in employment contracts.

All statistics taken from internal data are based on calls made to the LV= legal helpline, unless otherwise specified. Wider research conducted by Opinium among 2,013 people from 1-5 May 2009.

* National Statistics taken from www.statistics.gov.uk

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Hill Schwartz Spilker Keller LLC Announced The Successful Utilization Of Remlox, A Patent Pending Forensic ESI Collection Tool, In Africa, Central America, Europe And The United States

National firm Hill Schwartz Spilker Keller LLC (HSSK) announced the successful utilization of Remlox(tm), a patent pending forensic ESI collection tool, in Africa, Central America, Europe and the United States.

The use of Remlox allowed the firm to remotely acquire forensic images of hard drives located throughout Nigeria, Costa Rica, England and various locations in the United States. Before Remlox, such sector-by-sector forensic imaging required onsite collection by one of the firm’s computer forensics experts. HSSK distributed Remlox to several hundred custodians, avoiding the cost and logistical issues of on-site imaging. Complete, encrypted forensic images were verified in HSSK’s Houston Computer Forensics lab, the nation’s first non-governmental lab to be accredited by the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors/Laboratory Accreditation Board (ASCLD/LAB).

“By remotely acquiring forensic images, Remlox answers a great need in the industry.” said David Greetham, Computer Forensics practice director at HSSK.

“Remlox now allows attorneys to forensically acquire ESI, without the usual high costs associated with traveling to different remote locations, while negating the risks associated with self collection.”

Remlox runs directly from a pre-configured external USB drive that is sent to the custodian and requires no installation. It performs a tamper proof system audit of the acquired computer and has the option to forensically acquire the contents of RAM. Greetham added, “Using Remlox is quick and simple. On one occasion, we sent over 350 units to individual locations in two days and had the data back in our lab for verification within one week. On other occasions, we have utilized Remlox in locations that would simply be cost prohibitive to travel to.”

Remlox utilizes AES 256 bit encryption, to protect the integrity of the forensic images in transit.

Hill Schwartz Spilker Keller LLC (www.hsskgroup.com) is a leader in providing Computer Forensic services. HSSK’s Houston lab holds the distinction of being the first non-governmental lab in the United States to obtain ASCLD accreditation. HSSK also provides business valuation, litigation consulting and forensic accounting services from its offices in Houston, Dallas and Washington D.C.

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Downsized Paralegal Lisa Ferguson Offers Transcription And Litigation Support Services

Like so many workers these days, after many years of gainful employment, Lisa Ferguson found herself in the position of looking for work. Lisa has seventeen years in the legal field. She has worked in the Lisa Fergusoncourt, as a Landlord/Tenant Clerk, and she has worked as a Legal Assistant for Liberty Mutual and Zurich North America insurance companies. She has also worked as for her local county law department. She has provided an array of litigation support functions throughout her career, from scheduling depositions to performing electronic legal research and drafting pleadings.

After spending countless hours posting resumes on job sites, submitting resumes to job postings in newspaper want ads and going on numerous interviews only to learn that for each interview that she did land, there were a minimum of fifty other workers applying to, or being interviewed for, that same position, she decided that she needed a new approach to here situation.

Finally, Lisa decided that instead of competing with countless others for one position, she could market her skills, as an independent contractor, directly to employers, large and small. Her business, New York Trial Assistant, offers transcription of audio and digital voice files, electronic legal research, document drafting; including summonses and complaints, answers and motions, document retrieval, calendar maintenance, scheduling IMEs, depositions, etc. and every aspect of litigation support.

When asked why she decided to give up the job search, Lisa responded, “Because opportunity doesn’t always knock on your door. In these economic times, you have to create your own opportunities.”

She may have found her niche. She says that she has a few steady clients, and she is able to work on her own schedule. She was happy to give up the four hours of commuting time, and she is grateful for the time she gets to spend with her family.

When asked how she likes being in business for herself she said, “It’s a slow process, but, I am sure things will work out in the long run.”

Ms. Ferguson a member of the National Association of Professional Women. For more information about her and the services she provides, view her profile at: http://www.napw.com/MemberDisplay.cfm?M=m=Lisa-Ferguson-10237262.

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PR, Communications and the Law – Annual Briefing 2009

Schillings, top UK law firm dedicated to protecting the reputations of international corporations, brands and celebrities, has announced the new conference programme for the upcoming ‘PR, Communications and the Law – Annual Briefing 2009’ at the Paramount Club, Centre Point in London on 28th April.

The event will take the form of a breakfast briefing and will cover the subjects of what should drive communications strategies and corporate reputation management.

Joining Rod Christie-Miller, Partner at Schillings, to help lead the briefing will be Dr Kevin Money, Associate Professor at Henley Business School and Director of The John Madejski Centre for Reputation.

Dr Kevin Money will cover the subject of motivational drives and organizational theories. An understanding of these drives (the drive to acquire, learn, bond and protect) and how they may change during times of economic uncertainty – can provide a competitive edge to anyone shaping communications strategies.

Recent research suggests that in an economic downturn, the drive to protect is likely to assume greater importance in our lives, and Kevin will explore how that drive is likely to be the biggest driver of reputation.

Rod will then take over to present a talk on the important subject of reputation management. In the sphere of reputation management, the unconscious drive to protect is borne out by the very real threats that corporates now face.

Over the coming year, the three key threats for people working in PR and communications are liable to be:

– Responding to leaks and whistleblowers
– Tax gaps and the Board
– Protecting the corporate reputation during high-profile employment disputes

Rod will explain how despite these new threats, the potential to protect reputations via a combined PR and legal approach is actually stronger than ever.

The briefing will finish off with a round of questions to the panel.

About Schillings:
Schillings is one of Britain’s top law firms dedicated to safeguarding the reputations of international corporations, brands, celebrities and high-profile business people. The firm’s track-record in defamation, privacy and copyright cases, as well as commercial dispute resolution is second to none.

Defamation, privacy and copyright are at the heart of the firm’s work, prompting The Independent newspaper to call Schillings a “spectacularly efficient media law firm.”

Schillings clients include supermodel Naomi Campbell, actress Nicole Kidman, seven times Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong, premiership footballer Wayne Rooney, Harry Potter author JK Rowling, pharmaceuticals maker GlaxoSmithKline, steel maker Arcelor Mittal, the Harrods Group and the London Stock Exchange.

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WestLB Apologies And Pays Undisclosed Amount to Balli Group

Bloomberg Markets has carried an article confirming that WestLB paid undisclosed damages and issued a letter of apology to Vahid Alaghband and Balli Group plc.

Former WestLB CEO Alexander Stuhlmann told Vahid Alaghband the bank regretted the hardships to him and Balli.

“You have always acted professionally and honourably in your dealings with WestLB,” Stuhlmann said in a letter that Alaghband received in November. “From our point of view, there are no obstacles to establishing business relations with your group.”

The ‘Alaghband’s Nightmare Ends’ article states that in November 2008, WestLB offered an undisclosed financial settlement and agreed to withdraw allegations of credit fraud levelled at Balli Group in connection with its takeover of Kloeckner & Co AG in 2001. The WestLB allegations led to the arrest and investigative custody of Alaghband in 2003 by German authorities. He was released after 11 months without charge.

Bloomberg states that Vahid Alaghband, Chairman of Balli Group Plc, had to wait seven years to close the book on his failed takeover of German steel trader Kloeckner & Co. and to try to put the acquisition that cost him 11 months in jail behind him.

Balli Steel, Alaghband’s London-based steel trading company, bought Kloeckner for 1.1 billion euros ($1.42 billion) in 2001.

Alaghband’s partner in the deal, WestLB AG, Germany’s third-biggest state-owned bank, filed a criminal complaint accusing Alaghband of fraud. He was jailed in Zurich in 2003 and then transferred to Duisburg where Kloeckner was based. In May 2003, while he was behind bars and couldn’t repay a €212.5 million loan, WestLB bought Kloeckner. BLOOMBERG MARKETS reported on the ordeal in “The Long Nightmare of Vahid Alaghband” (May 2005).

Following the reconciliation at the end of 2008, a joint statement was issued which said, “Kloeckner & Co Beteiligungs GmbH and the Balli Group of Companies are pleased to announce that they have reached an amicable settlement to the disputes with WestLB AG which arose from the sale of Kloeckner & Co AG to Balli by E.ON in 2001.”

Balli is delighted that the seven year saga of misunderstandings and legal proceedings involving German trade unions, central and regional German state politicians, a plethora of international banking, investment and accounting consultants, and steel-trading tycoons – has now been settled and put to rest.

Vahid Alaghband, Chairman of Balli Group, commented: “We are pleased with the outcome of this case, from which many lessons were learnt. This settlement is proof yet again of the wisdom that most business litigations launched on grounds of receiving justice and litigating on issues of principal eventually become a means for reaching the inevitable pragmatic peace. We believe that the financial settlement is a good one for us and avoids the need for the continuation of a costly multi-jurisdictional litigation by us. Most importantly for us as a family business with a long tradition of trading over three generations, we feel that the WestLB admission has finally set the record straight and confirms our contention throughout that we have always acted honourably and professionally in our dealings with our counterparts.”

Case number: Landgericht Düsseldorf Gz.: 40 O 61 /05

About Balli Holdings
Balli Holdings, established in 1982 is a private, multi-national corporation, headquartered in London, with offices around the world. Headed by Vahid, Hassan and Nasser Alaghband, Balli operates a number of affiliated companies specialising in commodity trading, industrial, real estate and private equity with operations in over 20 countries. Balli’s acquisition from utility company E.ON in 2000 of Germany’s Kloeckner Steel Trade GmbH led, in 2001, to Balli’s offer – with the financial backing of Credit Suisse and WestLB – for “senior” company Kloeckner & Co AG. Goldman Sachs had acted as M&A adviser Balli on the deal.

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The bankruptcy laws require the utility company to restore the service of any utility that was terminated prior to the filing

Immediately upon the filing of a bankruptcy petition, no creditor may pursue or commence an action against the debtor (person filing the petition). It’s the law. Therefore, after the filing, a utility company may not terminate the debtor’s service, even though there may be substantial arrears. Also, in the event that the debtor’s service was terminated prior to the filing, the service must be restored, upon notifying the utility provider after the filing. Generally, the provider will restore the service within 24 to 48 hours after the filing.

New Jersey residents can obtain answers to questions regarding foreclosure resolution and bankruptcy laws by visiting http://www.bankruptcylawyer-nj.com

The bankruptcy code states that within 20 days after the filing, the debtor must pay a security deposit to establish a new account. Each utility company may apply a different criteria in determining the deposit amount. The utility companies generally apply the following criteria to determine the amount of the security deposit: 1. average monthly usage for the 12 months prior to the filing; 2. average of the highest two months of usage during the 12 months prior to the filing; 3. twice the average monthly usage for the 12 months prior to the filing.

Is the debtor required to pay the pre-bankruptcy debt owed to the utility provider? If the debtor has filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy protection and meets all of the requirements for a discharge, the debt is eliminated without any payment. After a debtor has established a new account, subsequent to a chapter 7 discharge, the utility company may terminate the service for payment arrears, based on their typical standards.

New Jersey residents can obtain answers to questions regarding foreclosure resolution and bankruptcy laws by visiting http://www.bankruptcylawyer-nj.com

The following pertains to chapter 13 protection. An individual may file a chapter 13 case for numerous reasons that are unrelated to utility issues. A chapter 13 typically requires the debtor to make monthly payments to a trustee (bankruptcy administrator) over a 36 to 60 month period. The trustee payments may be paid to various creditors based on the debtor’s financial position and desires. Utility debt is classified as unsecured. The debtor may be required to pay none, some, or all of their unsecured debt, based on the following factors: personal and household income; personal and household expenses; real and personal property values; amount of arrears on secured debt; and, to some extent, the debtor’s desires. A chapter 13 may permit the debtor to eliminate the entire utility balance, without payment.

Similar to a chapter 7, in the event that a debtor falls behind with the utility payments after the chapter 13 filing and the establishment of a new account, the company may terminate the service, based on their typical standards relating to payment default.

For more information on bankruptcy laws in New Jersey, visit

Robert Manchel is a New Jersey, Board Certified Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney, whose practice is limited to foreclosure resolution and bankruptcy law. For more information, please contact Mr. Manchel at (856) 797-1500, 1(866) –503-5655 or go to his web site at http://www.bankruptcylawyer-nj.com

Robert Manchel handles cases from the following counties: Cumberland, Atlantic, Salem, Gloucester, Camden, Burlington, Hunterdon, Somerset, Middlesex, Ocean, Mercer, Monmouth, and Philadelphia.

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Welcome to EPR Law News

EPR Law News is a new blog, part of EPR Network, that is going to be focused on and will be covering the law news and stories from press releases published on EPR Network.

EPR Network (EPR stands for express press release) is one of the nation’s largest press release distribution networks on Web. The EPR’s nationwide network includes 12 State based PR sites, one major PR forum and a number of industry specific PR blogs and what started as a hobby on Internet years ago turned out to be a rapidly growing business today. EPR Network is also known as one of the most trusted (human optimized, published, edited and monitored, spam/scam/low quality PR content free) PR sites on the web with more than 10,000 company and individual press releases distributed per month. EPR Network is putting your press releases on top of all major search engines’ results and is reaching thousands of individuals, companies, PR specialists, media professionals, bloggers and journalists every day.

EPR Network has thousands of clients around the world including global 500 corporations like Hilton Hotels, Barclays Bank, AXA Insurance, Tesco UK, eBay/Skype, Emirates, just to name a few. The network’s PR web sites are currently reaching from 150,000 to sometimes 500,000 unique visitors per month while our viral reach could possibly go to as much as 1M people per month through our presence across various social media sites. EPR Network was established in 2004 and as of May 2008 it had more than 800,000 press releases (pages) published on its network.

If you have a press release to be distributed, you can do it over here: press release distribution