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Access Legal From Shoosmiths Wins Compensation For Former Prison Officer

Access Legal from Shoosmiths has reported a significant compensation win for a former prison officer diagnosed with mesothelioma.

The 63 year old, who was diagnosed with the fatal illness in June 2011, sought advice from Access Legal from Shoosmiths, concerned to ensure his wife would be adequately provided for in the event of his inevitable death. The Yorkshire man had worked for the prison service in the 1990’s up until the early 2000’s. It was during this period that he was exposed to asbestos when he was required to inspect the prison boiler houses, roofs and cellars which contained asbestos and were in a poor state of repair.

The prison authorities also arranged for asbestos removal in parts of the prison and, while the contractors actually carrying out the work took precautions, his employers did not make provision to ensure he was adequately protected during the times when he came into contact with the asbestos. Nor did they give him any training on the dangers of asbestos in the course of carrying out his normal duties to ensure the security of the prison, which inevitably required him to enter areas where removal work was being carried out. It was therefore while conducting his normal and expected work as a prison officer that he was exposed to the hazardous dust.

After receiving instructions from the client, Sara Hunt, Access Legal partner and asbestos specialist, began to assemble all the medical evidence required for the case. Mesothelioma is a malignant and sadly incurable illness. Once contracted, all medical intervention can hope to achieve is to relieve the symptoms and pain and marginally increase life expectancy. Mesothelioma can be caused by one single asbestos fibre and can take as long as 40-60 years before someone exposed to asbestos will develop the illness. Despite his pessimistic prognosis, the former prison officer insisted that Access Legal pursue the mesothelioma claim so that his wife would be adequately provided for.

Sara Hunt, partner and asbestos specialist commented: “Compensation can never replace someone’s good health but in this case we could at least ensure that his wife would be financially secure for the future which was our client’s main objective.”

On settlement Access Legal’s client said: “A heartfelt thanks from my wife and me for your attentiveness and professionalism. Thank you to you, your staff and colleagues in pursuit of my claim.”

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Preston Injury Solicitors Highlight Work Related Accidents Numbers In Lancashire

More people are injured in work related accidents in Lancashire than in any other areas throughout the North West, or the whole country, according to a new analysis of official data by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP).

Last year there over 10,000 injuries in the workplace were reported due to slips and trips, estimated to cost businesses a total of £521,000,000.

In so many cases, these types of accidents could easily be prevented if the correct action has been taken by the employer.

In Jan 2011, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) released a plea to employers to make health and safety a priority going forward.

According to the Health and Safety Executive, in 2010 more than 300 work related incidents occurred across the North West each week, an annual total of 16,385 people being injured or resulting in fatal accidents.

The HSE hope this figure will be a reminder to employers and staff to make their workplaces safer moving forward and drastically improve casualty rates.

In 2010 the Health and Safety Executive prosecuted North West firms for 100 breaches for health and safety legislation, taking action against hundreds of businesses by issuing them with Prohibition and Improvement Notices.

David Sowerby, Regional Director for the North West said:
“Behind these statistics are the real life stories of thousands of workers suffering injuries and ill health. Together with their families, they have to deal with real hardship, pain and suffering.

“The New Year is an opportune time to reflect on the number of incidents in the past 12 months, and to take positive action to improve conditions in workplaces. “The main causes of fatal incidents nationally remain falls from height and from workplace transport, with the highest numbers being found in the construction and agriculture sectors. For other injuries, slips and trips and incidents affecting the back and upper limbs are the most common cause.

“Most of these injuries are entirely preventable. We implore businesses to take practical action to manage the risks people face in their day-to-day work.” Britain boasts one of the best health and safety records in Europe but with 180 workplace deaths nationally last year, HSE says there is still much to be done.

Dr Sowerby added:

“Simple measures, including the assessment of workplace risks to identify improvements, and providing training and instruction to workers, can and do prevent many incidents. Involving the workforce in this process has been shown to have significant success.

“HSE works with a number of partners to provide free advice and guidance to those both carrying out and managing work. We want businesses and the self-employed to work with us to help reduce injuries and make the North West a safer and healthier place to work.

“Every employee has the right to return home from work safely and without their health affected and I hope all employers in the North West share that view and take steps to ensure that is the case.”

Many people who have suffered a work related injury go onto seek the legal advice and guidance from a personal injury solicitor about pursuing an accident at work claim.

Lancashire based personal injury firm, PHC Law Ltd, help thousands of people every year throughout the North West and the UK to recover from injuries they have sustained whilst at work, recovering millions of pounds in compensation.

A spokesman from PHC Law said: “If someone has suffered an accident at work within the past three years, they are entitled by law to seek the legal advice and guidance from a personal injury solicitor. It is their employer’s duty of care and responsibility to ensure the health and safety of their employees. Employers who are found to be in breach of this are breaking the law”

“In this climate, many people feel reluctant to pursue a claim for compensation, fearful of losing their jobs if they made a claim, or concerned about the financial loss they will suffer because they are unable to work”

“We help thousands of people throughout Preston, the North West and the UK, recovering compensation for the pain suffering and affect the injury has had on their day-to-day lifestyle and also access the compensation amounts they are entitled to for any financial loss they have suffered. Severe injuries can often be disabling, affected their future employment prospects and lifestyle. Not only do we set out to achieve the maximum amount of compensation they deserve, we also arrange for any medical rehabilitation they might require and access their financial circumstances, recovering compensation for any financial losses they have also suffered”

PHC Law Ltd are one of the UK’s leading ‘No win, No fee’ solicitors. For more information, please visit phclaw.com or call free on 0800 612 7 612.

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PHC Law Supports RoSPA’s Lighter Evening Campaign

RoSPA has been calling for many years for a move to a system called “Single/Double Summer time” (SDST), which would put the clocks one hour ahead of GMT in winder and two hours ahead of GMT throughout the summer months.

The campaign has been launched to improve road safety and the number of fatalities and people that are injured on the roads, being the key aim behind RoSPA’s campaign.

Research found a move to SDST could reduce road death by around 80 per cent every year and serious injuries by around 212 per year.

A spokesperson from PHC Law personal injury solicitors said:

“Our Road Traffic Accident Solicitors recover millions of pounds in compensation every year from people who have sustained a whiplash injury, been involved public transport accidents through to pedestrians and cyclists who have been involved in an accident”.

“The main benefit of SDST will help to protect not only motorists and pedestrians but vulnerable road users like children and the elderly, making them more visible to motorists”

“Children are often a high-risk in regards to road traffic accidents, they tend to go straight to school in a morning but often participate in after school activities, increasing their exposure to road dangers in the evenings. It is vital in any case for motorcyclists and pedestrians to ensure they can be seen and for motorists to watch their speed and be aware of vulnerable road users like pedestrians, children and the elderly at any time of the day or night”

“If SDST is enforced, hopefully this will drastically improve the amount of people who are involved in road traffic accidents each year, especially children”.

Tom Mularkley, RosPA chief executive said: “We need to keep the momentum behind this long-running campaign. In view of the reports published in 2009, plus casualty data, we will continue to call a change which, we believe, would save lives and reduce injuries.

“More pedestrians are killed and injured in the afternoon and early evening than in the morning. Therefore, by moving to SDST, vulnerable road users like children walking home from school would have an extra hour of daylight in which to make their journeys.

“It is time for the issue to come off the shelf and for the full implications to be considered.”

RoSPA recommends a trial is run for 2-3 years to provide objective, up-to-date evidence about the effects of SDST, also recommending that it would enable the public, industry and business sectors to experience the change for themselves.

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Access Legal Calls For More Help For Asbestos Disease Victims

Access Legal, consumer legal services provider from Shoosmiths, is calling for more to be done to help victims of mesothelioma, as it believes that not enough is being done to help sufferers of fatal asbestos-related diseases.

Access Legal Calls For More Help For Asbestos Disease Victims

Access Legal wants to see more done to help victims of mesothelioma, an asbestos-linked cancer common in builders, plumbers, joiners, and teachers.

The call comes in the midst of a Health & Safety Executive awareness-raising campaign aimed at those workers most at risk. Sara Hunt, associate and asbestos specialist at Access legal from Shoosmiths, said: “With some people already hit by this creeping disease, and with many others potentially at risk, not a lot seems to be getting done.

“There are calls for government funding for a national centre for asbestos related diseases, and a 24,000-signature petition was presented to 10 Downing Street last year, but there’s been little positive reaction.”

Hunt also believes Alimta – a drug that extends the life expectancy of mesothelioma sufferers – should remain available on the NHS. In 2007 the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) said the drug was not cost effective. However, following successful lobbying that decision was overturned, and Alimta was made available on the NHS. Now, that decision in turn is being challenged.

Hunt said: “If that challenge succeeds, suffers will no longer have NHS access to Alimta.

“Malignant mesothelioma is an aggressive cancer, and sufferers often have a very short life expectancy. Is it right to deny them access to a drug that may extend their life?”

Asbestos was used extensively as a building, insulating and fireproof material, particularly from the 1950s to 1980s. People exposed as long ago as 40 years might only now be developing asbestos-related conditions.

Asbestos remains in around 500,000 UK buildings, with people exposed when asbestos is disturbed and asbestos fibres become airborne. It can also be disturbed by pushing drawing pins into walls, and it is thought a single drawing pin can release 6,000 fibres. Mesothelioma can be caused by exposure to just one fibre.

Teaching unions are campaigning for asbestos to be removed from schools, after figures revealed 228 teachers died from asbestos-related diseases between 1991 and 2005.

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Shoosmiths Has Launched A New Brand For Its Consumer Legal Services

Shoosmiths launches new brand, Access Legal, to bring together more than 100 legal services for consumers.

Partner and head of consumer services at Shoosmiths, Judith Dorkins, said: “Consumers lack easy and reassuring access to legal services and advice. The consumer legal market is fragmented and without a leading legal brand, leaving it open to new entrants as a result of the Legal Services Act. We recognised an opportunity in that we were ideally placed to put our stake in the ground as the professional law firm that wants to attain a share of this ‘new’ market.

Shoosmiths Has Launched A New Brand For Its Consumer Legal Services

“We already had the expertise, track record and infrastructure in place, but what we hadn’t fully refined was our customer care and the integration of our core conveyancing; wills, family and wealth; and personal injury services into a complete product range.”

The new Access Legal website also brings all of the Shoosmiths’ services, whether it is helping people buy a house or advising on a £multi-million corporate deal, under the Shoosmiths’ name.

“Marketing to consumers and to commercial clients requires different approaches, and we felt the time was right to wrap up our distinct consumer services in a standalone brand that’s accessible and friendly, yet highly professional, and which has over 150 years’ history and experience to back it up.”

Access Legal from Shoosmiths is for people who take responsibility for their lives, and who recognise the value of specialist professional advice.

The new logo for the brand has been created by Shoosmiths’ in-house design team and the typeface reflects both the modern and traditional elements of the new services, whilst retaining the Shoosmiths blue.

Dorkins said: “Our research amongst consumers identified that they wanted the reassurance of a law firm but with modern service delivery which fitted around their busy lives, so our helpline will be operational seven days a week. Research also revealed that very few law firms were providing added value to clients in terms of staying in touch and providing relevant and timely information.”

Access Legal is a fundamental move away from the old fashioned lawyers’ view of the client as a ‘transaction’ and a move to recognise that people have legal needs throughout their life – Shoosmiths’ aim is to earn and retain that loyalty. Ultimately, Shoosmiths wants to provide consumers with the solutions to their complete lifetime legal needs.

Shoosmiths’ commercial and consumer operations complement each other because some of the firm’s larger commercial clients offer their employees discounted legal services as part of a benefits package.

Crucial to the brand’s success will be the new website which was developed by Shoosmiths’ in-house IT and creative teams.

Dorkins said: “Internally, people see the sense in doing this because we’re making our service offering clearer with separate websites and brands for our different stakeholders, whether they are commercial organisations, consumers, or our own employees.”

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The Accident Advice Helpline Has Announced They Are To Focus Their Marketing Campaign Around Accidents At Work In An Effort To Support The Health And Safety Executive

Following recent government publicity of the work carried out by the HSE, Accident Advice Helpline has allocated additional advertising budget to help get the message out to the public that if they are injured at work through no fault of their own then their employer is liable for damages and that the AAH is there to help. Included in the advertising are television spots where Accident Advice Helpline clients – such as Steve Hubber, who claimed £3,677 after receiving serious leg injuries at work – talk about their compensation claim experience with the company.

The Health and Safety Statistics Report 2007/08 released by the HSE revealed that 6 million working days were lost because of workplace injury and Accident Advice Helpline is joining them in their drive for improved health and safety in the workplace.

David Carter, the spokesperson for Accident Advice Helpline, said: “We are in constant contact with innocent victims who have suffered painful injuries, so we fully support and recognise the value the HSE brings by helping to reduce the number of preventable accidents from happening.

“By implementing their suggestions and providing specialist training for undertaking injury inducing tasks such as lifting or operating dangerous machinery they are making workplaces across Britain much safer. Even a simple look around the office to ensure there are no potential hazards could prevent a serious injury.”

People who are considering claiming work accident compensation can visit the Accident Advice Helpline website for more information, to read case studies and to use the 30-second ‘How much is your claim worth?’ calculator. AAH also provides 24 hour phone assistance offering free legal advice.

About Accident Advice Helpline
Accident Advice Helpline was established in 2000 following the removal of legal aid to accident victims with personal injury cases. The company was founded to provide access to justice for accident victims and, since its creation, has helped thousands of people claim compensation against the responsible parties.

Working on a no win no fee basis, the injury compensation specialist is the UK’s leading company of its kind and prides itself on quick and effective claims processing with high quality service and an admirable success rate. The level of customer satisfaction Accident Advice Helpline is known for is characterised by television star Esther Rantzen’s continued support for the company, which she has steadily provided since 2003.

Accident Advice Helpline Direct Ltd 
Registered in England & Wales: No: 5107417
Registered Office: Quadrant House (Floor 6), 17 Thomas More Street, Thomas More Square, London E1W 1YW

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