Mayor Slay In Bed With Big Law Firm

Mayor Slay In Bed With Big Law Firm. Missouri Tax Payers To Be Taken To Cleaners By Lewis Rice & Fingersh.

Another disgrace is taking place with your tax dollars. The City of St.Louis has unanimously approved a $300,000.00 loan that is forgivable and does not need to be re-paid so that the millionaire attorneys from a 200 person St.Louis law firm of Lewis Rice and Fingersh can buy new fancy desks for themselves in a move to new offices. See St.Louis Business Journal Article dated Friday, October 16th, 2009. The City through its St.Louis Development Corp. decided it must have too much money, federal money that is, and decided to spread the wealth, but the wrong way. It is not giving to the poor, the needy, the hungry, but to rich attorneys to help them move. Now the City of St.Louis on behalf of Lewis, Rice and Fingersh (Lewis & Rice) wants to petition to Missouri Development Finance Board, a State agency, to approve over $5 million of tax payer money to help the law firm move to fancy new offices at One City Center and you the tax payer will be paying for that.

This is absurd injustice at its greatest. This is insulting to the tax payers of the City of St.Louis and all the residents of the Great State of Missouri and to all tax payers throughout the country. Media should take note of this and help stop this abuse. Lewis Rice & Fingersh has donated thousands of dollars to city and State officials and now its pay back time with your tax dollars. County Executive Charley Dooley received a $10,000.00 political contribution this year. The City of St.Louis Mayor received a $5,000.00 this year alone in contributions as well. There is a conflict here. Its politics the old fashioned way, the corrupt way.

How can you get in on some of these favors with Mayor Slay, well, give him a $10,000.00 political contribution (is that what its called) and he will give you back $300,000.00 and ask the State for $5 million, thats how. You scratch Mayor Slay’s back and he will more then scratch your back. So what else did the chairman of Lewis Rice & Fingersh Jack Pruellage have to say or do for the Mayor to get such special treatment. Mr. Jack Pruellage who takes home a seven figure income needs tax payers to buy him new furniture for his new offices and he prefers the tax payers pay for his fancy new furniture and for his move. Why should he pay for it when he has Mayor Slay for a friend.

Think of all the homeless, the hungry and the needy there are out there. Think of how many blankets and bologna sandwiches can be bought with that money. But Mayor Slay found a better home for it, in the pockets of Lewis Rice & Fingersh attorneys and Jack Pruellage, its chairman. The Missouri Development Finance Board meeting to hear the proposal to provide $5 million to One City Center building so that the law firm can move and have fancy new offices, will be held at 8:30 AM, Tuesday October 20th at the Rennaissance Grand Suites at 827 Washington Ave., Lennox Room, St.Louis, MO.

Action must be taken to stop abuse and waste of tax payers dollars to enrich millionaire attorneys at your tax payers expense. The partners at Lewis and Rice make $400,000 to $600,000 per year and the chairman Jack Pruellage makes millions per year and Missouri tax payers will help him get richer. No wonder they say its a “Great Country America”. Sure is, but great for who ? Officials on the take with public money, thats for who. Politics Chicago style no doubt, right here in Missouri.

Call Governor Jay Nixon to voice your objection at 573-751-3222 and your local State Representative’s office. You should also call the Missouri Development Finance Board at 573-751-8479 to complain about the proposal and tell them not to do it. Call the Mayor Francis Slay at 314-622-3201 and make him aware that receiving political contributions and then using tax payers money to buy furniture for Lewis Rice & Fingersh is plain wrong.

Submitted by Citizens Against Waste, a non for profit organization aiming at stopping waste and abuse of tax payers money. Phones 314-226-2808 or 314-226-2146.

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Leading Libel And Defamation Law Firm, Russell Jones & Walker, Has Won A Libel Victory Against Publishers Random House

Leading libel and defamation law firm, Russell Jones & Walker, has won a libel victory (Case number: 606990.1) against publishers Random House on behalf of internationally renowned wine connoisseur Michael Broadbent, who was from 1966 until 1992 the head of Christie’s wine department.

The libel action centred on the book The Billionaire’s Vinegar, the subject of which was the provenance of a number of bottles of wine said to have been owned by Thomas Jefferson. The book made allegations which suggested that Mr Broadbent had behaved in an unprofessional manner in the way in which he had auctioned some of these bottles and that his relationship and dealings with Hardy Rodenstock, who discovered the original collection, was suspected of being improper.

In a statement read out in open court, Random House apologised unreservedly for making the allegations and accepted that they were untrue. It has given an undertaking not to repeat the allegations and paid Mr Broadbent undisclosed damages.

Commenting on the settlement Sarah Webb, head of Russell Jones & Walker’s Defamation department who acted for Mr Broadbent said:

“The Billionaire’s Vinegar made highly damaging claims about my client that seriously compromised both his professional and personal reputation. We are delighted that Random House has today accepted that these allegations are totally without foundation and avoided the need to proceed to a full trial. My client is relieved that the good name he has built up over many years as one of the country’s leading wine experts has been fully restored.”

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Shillings Win Apology And Damages For Olivier Martinez From The Sun

Olivier Martinez, represented by London law firm Schillings and Paris law firm Asmar & Assayag has won his libel action against The Sun, at the High Court in London, following the publication of false allegations that Mr. Martinez cheated on Kylie Minogue during their relationship. (Case number: HQ08X02862)

On 26 November 2007, The Sun published an article under the headline “Kylie ‘still loves’ ex Martinez” which contained the defamatory and untrue allegation that Mr Martinez had cheated on Kylie Minogue. In order to vindicate his reputation Mr. Martinez issued libel proceedings against News Group Newspapers Limited in relation to the article.

A representative of Schillings said that: “This false allegation has caused Mr. Martinez considerable embarrassment and distress.”

They also said that: “Mr. Martinez is glad that The Sun has accepted that the allegations are false and that the article should never have been published at all”.

In the High Court in London The Sun newspaper apologised to Mr. Martinez, agreed to publish an apology in the newspaper and to pay damages and legal costs.

The Sun’s lawyer said: “The Defendant sincerely apologises to the Claimant for the distress and embarrassment this article has caused. It accepts that the allegations are untrue and ought never to have been published.”

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Quigal Launches New Search Site for High-Achieving Attorneys

Quigal, LLC announced today that it was launching its attorney search web site for residents of Massachusetts. Quigal’s site allows the public to search for attorneys who have impressive educational backgrounds or substantial work experience in complex legal matters and allows users to communicate with multiple attorneys quickly and easily. During the initial launch period, attorneys authorized to practice law in Massachusetts are invited to register with the site free of charge until April 1, 2010.

For Quigal attorney members, a unique feature of the web site is that the number of attorneys who can register is limited to ten per zip code, which increases each registered attorney’s visibility vis-à-vis potential clients.

The inspiration for Quigal came from attorneys and clients who complained about the poor quality of existing directory services, both online and print, recalled Renate Harrison, Quigal co-founder. “My colleagues complained that existing directories contained so many lawyers that the odds of engaging a client were too low to justify the expense, while users felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of attorneys they had to choose from and the multiple pages of information they had to fill out,” Harrison noted. “So I asked what I thought was a simple question: how can we improve the way clients find lawyers online? I believe Quigal is the answer.”

As of today, Massachusetts residents can begin using Quigal. Quigal is built on the idea that users should have confidence in the quality of attorneys made available to them on attorney search sites, and that the number of registered attorneys should be limited, so that each attorney has a realistic opportunity to engage clients. Key features of Quigal include:

• Search: Quigal enables the public to search for attorneys by zip code, city, state, practice area, or law school attended. Quigal also permits potential clients to search for attorneys who are available for a live chat.

• Exclusivity: Quigal attorney members who subscribe to a zip code always appear on the first page search results for that zip code. A maximum of ten attorneys can register for each zip code.

• Quality: Quigal only registers attorneys who have graduated from a top-tier law school or who have substantial work experience managing complex legal matters.

• Ease of Use: Quigal offers several options for potential clients to contact attorney members. A simple online query form and attorney profiles with full contact information appear on every search results page. Also, a live chat option allows potential clients to chat real-time with attorneys. Quigal also allows its registered attorneys to link to their social and professional networking sites (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.).
In the coming months, Quigal will be rolling out its web site nationally, as well as introducing new site features.

Are you interested in registering with Quigal? Please visit Quigal’s website at For more information about Quigal, please contact Renate Harrison.

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Fred “Rerun” Berry Family is asking for a Federal Investigation on a 20 Million Dollar Cover-up

Whistle Blower!!! Over the past six years regarding the late Fred Rerun Berry who was an actor from the 1970’s “What’s Happening” Sitcom. Berry died October 21, 2003.

It has been determined that there has been an unauthorized use of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Berry’s personal identification number utilizing this number to establish bank accounts in the form of loans, government grants, saving accounts and lines of credit. Thousands of dollars have been utilized in property developments, purchasing of land and community development projects in the Suitland Maryland, Largo Maryland and New Carrolton areas.

Many attempts to gather documents from a Bank and a Corporation in Maryland have been met with roadblocks. In 2001 Fred Rerun Berry appeared on” The Weakest Link and that is were it all began. Mrs. Berry started receiving paper work from the Internal Revenue, Documents and contracts in c/o Essie Berry for this corporation and Tax Idenification Number. Mrs. Berry requested bank accounts records. The bank teller wanted Mrs. Berry to provided information to confirm her identity. Information was faxed in 2004 to a bank in Maryland still no records. In 2005, Mrs. Berry meets with the Vice-President of the bank. Mrs. Berry asked for all accounts in reference to Fred Rerun Berry Tax Identification 52-2197854 records were mail but they were incomplete.

Mrs. Berry and Portia Allen, Fred’s daughter in 2007 over heard a phone conversation with a bank employee while holding during a phone conversation say, “That poor, poor lady they drained her husbands’ account. With all of the compelling evidence, bank records, documents and paper trail and errors that the banks have made in utilizing Mr. and Mrs. Fred Berry Tax Identification number. The Berry family is seeking a full Federal Investigation to this matter. All facts can be proven.

Sincerely, The Berry Family

Berry Family 9663 Santa Monica Blvd. suite 121 Beverly Hill Ca, 90210//404-380-8250 or 404-303-1117 ( or (

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