Kansas Pro Se Whistleblowers Place Johnson County Family Court Judge in Federal Lawsuits and Under Misconduct Allegations

KANSAS CITY, Kansas, 2024-Jan-3 — /EPR LAW NEWS — According to federal and county court documents, District Judge Burmaster has been accused of manipulating domestic violence protection orders in a biased manner that favors female petitioners in her courtroom. The judge allegedly exhibited prejudice against a Kansas pro se father in one particular case, to such an extreme extent that it resulted in unlawful detentions, unjustified findings of contempt of court, and the removal of the father’s child custody rights. These actions taken by Judge Burmaster prompted the father to file two separate federal civil rights lawsuits against the judge in United States District Court for the District of Kansas, under the name Escalante Vs Burmaster. 2:23-CV02471 and 2:23-CV02559. Both lawsuits progressing and the first has a schedule conference on January 24, 2023 and a trial begins. The lawsuits center predominantly on an 18 month period of time beginning July 08, 2023, in which its alleged a fraud protective order was placed by Burmaster and procured from opposing counsel Chris T Wilson.

Further, in December 2023, criminal charges that had been filed against the father for allegedly violating a fraudulent protection order were suspended. It is believed by the plaintiff that the judge was attempting to keep the father incarcerated in retaliation for bringing attention to her improper handling of such cases and biased decision-making through the whistleblowing lawsuits. If the allegations made in the court filings are substantiated, they portray a serious abuse of judicial authority and violation of the father’s civil rights to an impartial trial and due process under the law. Additionally and separately, two men’s criminal matters stemming from purported violations of Judge Burmaster’s civil protection orders have stalled – one since March 2022 – due to questions surrounding the judge’s issuance of orders in those underlying cases. Concerns of gender bias, fraud procurement of protective order petitions, unlawful retaliation, and improper judicial conduct remain ongoing regarding Judge Burmaster’s handling of domestic violence protection order cases in his Kansas courtroom. The Kansas father Knoche, is almost a year and half under a claimed false criminal violation of a protective order and that can be seen as questionable in bad faith from prosecution with the failure to prosecute the father over now. 18 months straight. His case is riddled with bad candor by prosecutors and it was initiated by a Burmaster civil order. Docs in the criminal case state the exchanging of ex parte evidence during scheduling conferences was occurring by the prosecutors.

The lawsuits aim to hold Judge Burmaster accountable for his reported manipulation of protection order procedures that stripped a father of his legal rights as parental retaliation for challenging her authority. The outcome of these civil cases could set an important precedent regarding the impartial administration of justice and protection from retaliation for those who lawfully expose potential judicial misconduct. Both the integrity of the courts and the civil liberties of those involved in family law cases may hinge on the resolution of Escalante Vs Burmaster.

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