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Limassol District Court will investigate all the facts related to the attempt of the coal oligarch Dmitry Bosov’s widow to win control over her husband’s assets

Katerina Bosov

LIMASSOL, Cyprus, 13-Jul-2022 — /EPR LAW NEWS/ — Henry Bertson, HBC Consulting expert, believes that the Limassol District Court will investigate all the facts related to the attempt of the coal oligarch Dmitry Bosov’s widow to win control over her husband’s assets. Recently his inheritance has been transferred to the parents and children of the deceased businessman. Having tried other ways to establish control over her husband’s coal empire and his property, Katerina Bosov filed a lawsuit with the Limassol District Court, where the majority of the coal king’s assets are registered. According to HBC, the list of law violations committed by Katerina in the struggle for inheritance is already overlong.

After Dmitry Bosov’s suicide in May 2020, Katerina Bosov betrayed his relatives’ confidence and headed the Board of Directors of the Sibanthracite coal holding, founded by her husband. From the HBC’s point of view, her aim was to win control over Alltech company registered in Cyprus. This very company owned the Sibanthracite holding, which was worth over $1 billion after the death of its owner. To implement her plans, Katerina even involved an interested notary. However, these plans were thwarted by the parents and other heirs of the businessman. The venturesome Katerina was suspended from managing Sibanthracite.

According to media sources, the war for Dmitry Bosov’s inheritance continued for several years. It has become clear that the oligarch had earned his fortune long before his marriage to Katerina and she had no rights to claim for business and property. Moreover, evidence of law violations committed by Katerina in her pursuit of inheritance was analyzed. According to HBC and the media, this could have been a misrepresentation of the notary and an attempt to make a deal with the investigator.

Close attention on behalf of law enforcement agencies, investigating, in addition to the seizure of shares, the case of incitement to suicide, forced Katerina Bosov to move to Europe. Meanwhile, her routes are still typical for glamorous “girlfriends” of wealthy businessmen from Eastern Europe: Nice-Monaco-Milan. According to HBC data, she is currently in Italy waiting for the Limassol District Court to hear her counterclaim for her share of stock in Alltech. Simultaneously, Katerina is trying to influence public opinion in Cyprus, posing as a political refugee.

In Italy, her plans regarding Dmitry Bosov’s assets failed as well. The Tuscan authorities strictly forbade Katerina from selling the Villa Guidiccioni, purchased by her husband in 2019 for himself and his daughter, since Katerina is not among the owners. As is known, Dmitry Bosov did not leave a will. The HBC expert believes that Katerina has complicated her way to obtaining a residence permit in Europe by displeasing local authorities. Therefore, the Cypriot court remains the last hope of the coal king’s widow. However, the HBC experts are sure that all Katerina Bosov’s actions since the day of her husband’s death are widely known to the public, therefore, the satisfaction of Katerina’s claim is very doubtful.

SOURCE: EuropaWire

Matvil Corp. Continues Its Fight Against Illegal Actions of the Legal System of Moldova

A case of intellectual rights dispute sheds light on the corrupt legal system of Moldova

TORONTO, Canada, 2020-May-15 — /EPR LAW NEWS/ — As one of the leading online ethnic TV providers, operating in North America, Matvil Corp. discovered, there is no reliable system in place that protects legal broadcasters from dishonest competition. In their attempts to enter the US and Canadian markets, Internet pirates commit fraud and manipulate data in order to influence the corrupt legal system of Eastern European countries and try to destabilize operations of successful companies, cause financial damage and hurt their reputation.

The case Radio Star Ltd. against Matvil Corp. is a vivid proof of such practices.

On June 8, 2018, Radio Star Ltd. filed a lawsuit against Matvil Corp. in the court of Chisinau, Moldova, stating that the latter illegally broadcasted a number of Russian and Ukrainian channels on the territory of Moldova.

It should be noted right away that in support of its demands, Radio Star (Moldova), knowingly and deliberately used various methods to circumvent technical protection measures undertaken by Matvil Corp., and subsequently presented them as evidence. Using ExpressVPN program, accomplices or employees of Radio Star (Moldova), (which in this case is a media “pirate”), physically located in the Republic of Moldova, created user accounts and, using American IP addresses, with location in New Jersey, USA, registered on the Matvil Corp website, thereby creating the illusion of receiving services offered by the company.

It should be clarified that ExpressVPN program is a virtual tunnel that virtually changes the physical location of a computer or other electronic device, assigning this device a virtual IP address, indicating a virtual location anywhere in the world (at the choice of the user of this program), while physically, the electronic device is located in its territorial space.

Matvil Corp is a respectable media provider that provides online TV broadcasting services in Canada and the United States. Subscription access to the service for users from the countries of former USSR and Russia is strictly prohibited and unavailable.

However, malicious desire for illegal enrichment pushes such adversaries as Radio Star (Moldova) to resort to illegal actions, falsification, fraud and the commission of crimes using IT technologies.

Moreover, as it became known already in the framework of the trial, Radio Star (Moldova) does not have exclusive rights at all to broadcast Russian and Ukrainian television channels in the territory of the Republic of Moldova. Radio Star (Moldova) is just an agent for the distribution and conclusion of contracts with the end consumer and with a limited duration of contractual agreements.

In addition, Matvil Corp did not receive any claims from the copyright holders, and Radio Star (Moldova) did not provide any evidence that authority was granted by the copyright holders to protect their interests.

Despite all of the above, on January 18, 2019, Chisinau Court of First Instance, Judge Oksana Parfeni, ruled in favor of Radio Star, accepting all their fabricated evidence as reliable, but denied Matvil Corp representatives the right to hear IT experts / specialists and also denied the right to hear those persons who allegedly gained access to the service.

If the court were objective and impartial, then these adversaries would be asked only one question: “For what reason and why did they use ExpressVPN program, used American IP addresses, with location in New Jersey, USA, and did not try to log in on Matvil Corp website under valid Moldovan IP addresses? ”

On February 2, 2019 lawyer Matvil Corp appealed the decision of the first instance, however, even here Matvil Corp had to face partiality.

On April 5, 2019, that is, after 2 months, Chisinau Appeal Chamber issued a Decision, which decided to return the appeal because it was filed by an unauthorized person. The reason for this decision was a banal and completely illegal motive: the power of attorney issued to the company’s lawyer was allegedly not legalized in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Moldova.

It should be noted that this Decision was not sent to Matvil Corp lawyers until May 15, 2019 (apparently it was concealed in order to have the appeal dates expire). Only after applying with an official statement and demanding to indicate at what stage the filed appeal was, the court deigned to issue this Decision.

On the same day, May 15, 2019, the lawyer filed a protest against the Decision dated April 5, 2019, where it was decided to return the appeal, and on June 6, 2019, the Higher Trial Chamber of the Republic of Moldova ruled that the power of attorney was legal, and therefore obliged the Appeals Chamber to consider on its own merits the appeal about the decision of the first instance of the Court.

Thus, the first ray of hope for the objectivity and honesty of the Moldovan Judicial System appeared.

November 14, 2019 – The Appeal Court acknowledged the fact that Radio Star (Moldova) does not have any exclusive rights to broadcast TV programs and does not have the authority to protect the interest of copyright holders and, as a result, reversed the decision of the first instance and dismissed adversaries’ lawsuit.

It seemed as though that justice has triumphed!!!

However, the miracles of the legal / judicial system of Moldova continued.

Just by accident and thanks to the vigilance of the lawyers, it became known that Radio Star submitted cassation appeal to the Supreme Court of Justice on January 14, 2020.

This information appeared on the court’s website, but until today, neither Matvil Corp nor the company’s lawyer have received a copy of this complaint and have not been officially informed of its existence.

Moreover, on March 18, 2020 this complaint has already passed the admissibility procedure, and the review itself is scheduled for May 20, 2020 and, what is noteworthy, without the participation of the parties!

This series of non-compliance with the requirements of the Law by the system itself, which was created to protect it, shows that it serves the interests of a certain group of people.

Using the Moldovan judicial system, unscrupulous competitors try to destabilize the business and cause serious financial and reputational damage to American and Canadian companies that do not conduct and did not intend on conducting business in Moldova.

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BYK’s attempt to invalidate Nanto Cleantech’s European patent was unsuccessful and the patent remains in force

NEW YORK, USA, 22-Jul-2019 — /EPR LAW NEWS/ — Nanto Cleantech Inc., a US based industrial intellectual property and technology holding company with affiliates in the United States, Europe and Israel, is pleased to announce that the European Patent Office has upheld European Patent EP 2352789, rejecting an opposition launched by BYK-Chemie GmbH, a global leading supplier in the additives sector. “This is a great win which further emphasizes the strength of our patent portfolio in industrial applications of modified aluminosilicates and nanoclays for rheological and thixotropic properties in paints and coatings”, said a representative of the Board of Directors of Nanto Cleantech Inc.

The opposition filed in November 2017 with the European Patent Office by BYK-Chemie GmbH was intended to demonstrate an alleged lack of sufficient disclosure, novelty and inventiveness of the European patent held by Nanto Cleantech, but on January 16, 2019 the opposition division of the EPO decided to reject the opposition in total so that the given patent has been maintained in its original granted version.

Thus, even though BYK filed appeal against the decision, Nanto Cleantech Inc.’s patent protection in all European countries remains today unchanged.

The main claims of EP 2352789, owned by Nanto Cleantech Inc. and licensed to Nanto Protective Coating Srl, covers a wide range of rheologic and high barrier properties relating to formulations for anticorrosion protection in paints and coatings, based on epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic, alkydic, polyester resins and mixtures thereof, and comprising a multitude of mostly bi-dimensionally developed nanoparticles. Nanto Cleantech additives provide exceptional durability and resistance offering numerous solutions in many applications in the protective and marine sector.

Similar versions of the patent have already been issued in many countries all over the world, including CA, CN and all member states of the European and Eurasian Patent Organizations.

Nanto Cleantech’s cross functional IP team, including Prof. Shmuel Kenig, inventor and CTO of the Company and the General Manager Roberto Cafagna collaborated with the expert of legal protection of the patent law firm “Grättinger Möhring von Poschinger” to defend the subject patent against the BYK opposition.

“We are satisfied with the outcome of the opposition proceedings, confirming the inventiveness of our patent”, Roberto Cafagna, Nanto Cleantech General Manager, says. “BYK’s attempt to invalidate our granted European patent was unsuccessful and the patent remains in force. Throughout the R&D, sales and marketing process, we respect the intellectual property of other companies and individuals and expect others to similarly respect Nanto Cleantech’s intellectual property rights. We remain committed to pursuing legal enforcement against those who do not respect our intellectual property, keeping at the same time an open innovation approach, with an IP licensing program, industrial partnerships and JV, related to worldwide patented technologies,”

SOURCE: EuropaWire

RCS & RDS S.A. entered into a settlement agreement with Antena TV Group S.A. and Antena 3 S.A.

BUCHAREST, Romania, 18-Jun-2018 — /EPR Law News/ — The Company would like to inform its shareholders and the market that RCS & RDS S.A., the Romanian subsidiary of the Company (“RCS&RDS”), entered on 15 June 2018 into a settlement agreement with Antena TV Group S.A.and Antena 3 S.A. (“Antena Group”).

This settlement ends all lawsuits between RCS&RDS and Antena Group and related entities, which we have previously disclosed in detail to the market and to our investors in the initial public offering prospectus dated 26 April 2017, in the bond public offering memoranda from 2016 and 2017, as well as in the subsequent periodic public reports.

Also, RCS&RDS and Antena Group entities have also concluded a carriage agreement based on which RCS&RDS will continue to retransmit the Antena Group channels as pay-tv stations as soon as the Antena Group channels will exit the must-carry regime.

For details regarding the reports, please access the official websites designated of Digi: www.digi-communications.ro (Investor Relations Section).

SOURCE: EuropaWire

Leading Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury Law Firm Duffy & Duffy, PLLC Announces New Attorney

Duffy & Duffy, PLLC (www.duffyduffylaw.com) a leading law firm dedicated to medical malpractice and personal injury practice today announces the hiring of Melissa Eggers.

Melissa Eggers is an associate at Duffy & Duffy, PLLC. Ms. Eggers recently joined the firm after serving over a decade as a prosecutor for the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office. Ms. Eggers gathered years of daily litigation experience that included daily courtroom appearances, over 200 Grand Jury presentations and numerous trials on both the misdemeanor and felony levels. Her career at the District Attorney’s office included prosecuting perpetrators of domestic violence, violent felony crimes including robberies, assault, conspiracy to commit murder, as well as complex white-collar crimes. Of these economic type cases, she has prosecuted cases involving criminals who conducted a multi-million dollar a Ponzi scheme; identity theft and employee embezzlements. Ms. Eggers brings her courtroom and trial experience to the firm and advocates for the clients of Duffy & Duffy, PLLC to seek justice on their behalf.

Ms. Eggers graduated from Florida State University in 1999 with a B.A. in Criminology and a minor in Business. She attended Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad Law Center where she earned her J.D. in 2002. She is admitted to practice in New York and Florida.

At Duffy & Duffy, PLLC we believe that curing medical malpractice starts with patient safety. That’s why the members of our law firm work to not only bring justice for each individual client we represent, but always with this larger idea in sight.

No guesswork. Just facts.

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Jewish Lawyers Network Launches New Hip Replacement Helpline

Jewish Lawyers Network has launched a hip replacement helpline. According to Lisa Spitzer MSW,” these faulty hip replacements affect seniors at a time in their lives when quality of life and independence are crucial factors” “Any surgery takes longer to recover from. The psychological and physical effects put seniors back months”. ” Having to go through additional pain and surgeries can lead to severe depression and a downhill process”

In the months since a recall of the DePuy ASR XL artificial hip, DePuy might be facing the recall of yet another one of its hip replacements, the Pinnacle Acetabular Component, which has been facing increased scrutiny for its premature failures.

Like the ASR XL, the Depuy Pinnacle is a metal on metal system that was designed to last at least 10-15 years but now, orthopedic surgeons are reporting that these devices have been failing within one to two years of being implanted into their patients.

That’s not good news for DePuy, a division of Johnson & Johnson, which has implanted over 150,000 Pinnacle hip replacements into patients since it was put into service in 2001. Its recent recall of the defective ASR metal-on-metal hip implant systems has forced thousands of hip implant patients to have additional, painful and expensive hip revision surgeries. This effects seniors the most. All surgeries at that age are traumatic with extensive recovery time and rehabilitation. After the surgery, the patient, can spend weeks in a rehabilitation facility away from family, friends and routine. This isolation can effect mood. After discharge there is usually weeks of in home rehabilitation. Going through this once, according to Spitzer, is traumatic, We do not know how many seniors can actually go through this twice and regain the pre-surgery level of functioning. Spitzer feels this will not only affect an individuals quality of life but perhaps even life span, depending on age and other health factors. “If a senior has kept going, for instance, by play golf every day with friends and he or she loses this, it could be a downhill road” You may contact the helpline by calling 1 877-522-2123.

Although the ASR and Pinnacle are both metal on metal systems, there are significant differences between the two insofar as:
* the ASR is a monoblock design whereas the Pinnacle uses a modular system.
* the ASR cup is made of one solid piece of metal whereas the Pinnacle has an outer shell
* The Pinnacle is designed in such a way that the surgeon has the option to place a metal, ceramic or polyethylene liner inside the metal outer cup

Much of the problem seems to be with the Pinnacle 36 mm Ultamet Metal-on-Metal component which is failing at an unacceptably high rate. One of the theories seeking to determine the cause suggests that a design problem flows from the fact that the device has been created with one of the lowest clearance levels in the industry. The only other implant with a clearance level this low is the DePuy ASR.

Attorneys and experts investigating the basis for the high rate of failure point to the product design and believe that DePuy created a very narrow window for proper placement of the prosthesis and inadequately trained surgeons in the proper implantation technique.

Like, the recalled DePuy ASR system, the Pinnacle was permitted to reach the market under the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) controversial 510(k) approval process, which allows a medical device to be placed on the market without being subjected to necessary clinical trials as long as the manufacturer can show that the device is “substantially equivalent” to a device already approved on the market. DePuy’s ASR system avoided obligatory clinical trials by showing that it was fundamentally similar to the DePuy Pinnacle hip replacement system, raising some serious issues.

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The Sea Rarely Gives Up The Dead, Or That’s What Phil Harris Thought When He Tried To Throw Former Business Partner Glenn Coggeshell Overboard

On Monday August 09, 2010 Business partner and creator of the coffee lines “Deadliest Brew” “Captains Brew” and “Captains Reserve” was forced to bring suit to the Harris Estate after a year of trying to settle differences quietly and professionally.

Coggeshell who is considered the most innovative creator in his industry, marketing coffee lines as “Black Dot Coffee” “Hendrix Coffee” “Goodfellas Coffee” “Deadliest Brew” “Legends of Rock Coffee” and “Perfect Circle Coffee”, met Phil Harris in a grocery store parking lot. Phil approached Glenn about buying “Hendrix Coffee” for his boat.

In March of 2008 Phil Harris contacted Coggeshell wanting to endorse his “Black Dot Coffee” line, saying he was about to be the most popular captain on the hit show Deadliest Catch.

After an hour meeting in a “Buzz In” steak house and listening to Phil talk about his recent health condition. Coggeshell having a father who had just had a savier stroke also, thought it unfair given the state of his health to just have him endorse his product, started thinking of ways this venture could work for all parties.

In late April of that same year Glenn celebrated the birth of his daughter. There at the hospital he was making calls, organizing, planning and making sure things would move forward for his family and the new venture.

Coggeshell and Harris continued to move forward throughout the spring. Glenn started making important business contacts to launch the new coffee line “Deadliest Brew”, “Gourmet Coffee for the Working Man” and within sixty days found the product in over 65 locations in Washington State and growing towards the Oregon and California markets, one event on July 26th 2008 in Sedro Woolley, WA saw 250 in attendance an unprecedented coffee sales and fast growth.

During this time Phil kept assuring Glenn, who had funded everything to this point, that he would invest his share of the needed money to keep up with growing sales.

Around August of 2008 Phil’s on again off again manager Russ Hariot returned with the promise to finish a deal with a local energy drink manufacture who were also creating a line with Phil Harris. Glenn Coggeshell insisted Russ stay away from anything related to the coffee. Phil assured Glenn, Russ would stay away. During this time Glenn began to question actions and changes with Phil’s personality.

Glenn by now invested over $50 thousand from his own business & personal sources while being a father of two children, a son and an infant daughter.

By October with high online sales and almost 200 stores, Deadliest Brew was quickly becoming one of the fastest growing coffee companies in the US

In late November early December Coggeshells investment began to pay off and business started seeing substantial profits and with the addition of another 60-100 locations projected in 2009. The new Captains Brew Coffee line was becoming the fastest growing Coffee Company in the US and online sales where growing stronger each day.

Just in time for Christmas and with profits in the bank, Coggeshell began seeing e-mails, blogs and myspace postings, stating Coggeshell was “no longer a part” of his own business. Phil, Russ and employee Marsha Cruz began circumventing Coggeshell with suppliers, stealing accounts, crossing out contact information for Coggeshell’s Company “Northwest Blends Inc” on invoices. Changing mailing addresses, changing checks made out too Coggeshell and his company to Phil’s “new” company, and then the letter from Phils new Lawyer showed up at his door. (All in the Christmas spirit).

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