Acne Victims Are Helped With Makeovers, Lawsuits

Hiding acne can be easy if you use the right makeup. Houston-based Heidi Schulze, one of America’s top makeup artists, proves it in a new how-to video at, which transforms a self-conscious car saleswoman with adult acne into a drop-dead gorgeous top-model lookalike.

If only more acne sufferers had tried this approach. Instead they took Accutane, which cleared up their blemishes but also gave many users severe, lifelong and debilitating digestive disorders that often involved surgery. Now these victims are taking Accutane creator Roche Pharmaceuticals to court – and they’re winning.

A 38-year-old Alabama software engineer who took Accutane in his 20s was finally forced to have his colon removed almost 15 years after taking the drug to treat a severe case of acne. In early 2010, a jury awarded him $25 million for his losses and suffering. Five other recent verdicts have pushed victims’ awards to a total of $56 million, as juries found that Roche did not adequately warn consumers about the drug’s risks.

Faced with such Accutane lawsuits and increased competition, Swiss-based Roche took Accutane off the market last year, after 27 years of sales that reaped billions in profits. But despite health hazards, generic Accutane remains available, sold as Claravis, Sotret and Amnesteem. Each has active ingredient Isotretinoin, as did Accutane.

Isotretinoin medications have been proven to cause an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) such as Crohn’s Disease and ulcerative colitis, or UC. Often such victims must have surgery – and many haven’t suspected till now that their incurable condition was the result of taking an acne medication.

That’s not to say Accutane hasn’t done some good. More than 13 million people took Accutane during its 27 years on the market, and it permanently cleared up the pimples of 85 per cent of those with severe acne. But for too many, the health hazard trade-off has been severe.

A far better solution for acne sufferers is to try Schulze’s makeup approach, which isn’t disguised with heavy foundations and powder. Rather, the answer is a light, mineral-based product applied with a careful, deft touch in the right combination of colors. And this natural makeup doesn’t look like makeup once it’s applied.

“Most women with acne make the mistake of using concealers, as they are called, to cover pimples,” Shulze said. “That cakes up the face, doesn’t look natural, and since people with acne have oily skin, the makeup ends up sliding off anyway during the day. ” The mineral product Schulze uses in the video has no oil, so it stays put, relieving self-conscious sufferers.

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The Sea Rarely Gives Up The Dead, Or That’s What Phil Harris Thought When He Tried To Throw Former Business Partner Glenn Coggeshell Overboard

On Monday August 09, 2010 Business partner and creator of the coffee lines “Deadliest Brew” “Captains Brew” and “Captains Reserve” was forced to bring suit to the Harris Estate after a year of trying to settle differences quietly and professionally.

Coggeshell who is considered the most innovative creator in his industry, marketing coffee lines as “Black Dot Coffee” “Hendrix Coffee” “Goodfellas Coffee” “Deadliest Brew” “Legends of Rock Coffee” and “Perfect Circle Coffee”, met Phil Harris in a grocery store parking lot. Phil approached Glenn about buying “Hendrix Coffee” for his boat.

In March of 2008 Phil Harris contacted Coggeshell wanting to endorse his “Black Dot Coffee” line, saying he was about to be the most popular captain on the hit show Deadliest Catch.

After an hour meeting in a “Buzz In” steak house and listening to Phil talk about his recent health condition. Coggeshell having a father who had just had a savier stroke also, thought it unfair given the state of his health to just have him endorse his product, started thinking of ways this venture could work for all parties.

In late April of that same year Glenn celebrated the birth of his daughter. There at the hospital he was making calls, organizing, planning and making sure things would move forward for his family and the new venture.

Coggeshell and Harris continued to move forward throughout the spring. Glenn started making important business contacts to launch the new coffee line “Deadliest Brew”, “Gourmet Coffee for the Working Man” and within sixty days found the product in over 65 locations in Washington State and growing towards the Oregon and California markets, one event on July 26th 2008 in Sedro Woolley, WA saw 250 in attendance an unprecedented coffee sales and fast growth.

During this time Phil kept assuring Glenn, who had funded everything to this point, that he would invest his share of the needed money to keep up with growing sales.

Around August of 2008 Phil’s on again off again manager Russ Hariot returned with the promise to finish a deal with a local energy drink manufacture who were also creating a line with Phil Harris. Glenn Coggeshell insisted Russ stay away from anything related to the coffee. Phil assured Glenn, Russ would stay away. During this time Glenn began to question actions and changes with Phil’s personality.

Glenn by now invested over $50 thousand from his own business & personal sources while being a father of two children, a son and an infant daughter.

By October with high online sales and almost 200 stores, Deadliest Brew was quickly becoming one of the fastest growing coffee companies in the US

In late November early December Coggeshells investment began to pay off and business started seeing substantial profits and with the addition of another 60-100 locations projected in 2009. The new Captains Brew Coffee line was becoming the fastest growing Coffee Company in the US and online sales where growing stronger each day.

Just in time for Christmas and with profits in the bank, Coggeshell began seeing e-mails, blogs and myspace postings, stating Coggeshell was “no longer a part” of his own business. Phil, Russ and employee Marsha Cruz began circumventing Coggeshell with suppliers, stealing accounts, crossing out contact information for Coggeshell’s Company “Northwest Blends Inc” on invoices. Changing mailing addresses, changing checks made out too Coggeshell and his company to Phil’s “new” company, and then the letter from Phils new Lawyer showed up at his door. (All in the Christmas spirit).

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RJW Client Fawcett Society To Take Government To Court Over Unlawful Budget

RJW client The Fawcett Society has filed papers with the High Court in order to get a Judicial Review of the government’s recent emergency budget.

The Fawcett Society believes that the government should have used an equality impact assessment to determine whether its budget proposals would increase or reduce inequality between women and men. Despite repeated requests from the society, the Treasury has not provided any evidence that any such an equality impact assessment took place.

A top line assessment of the budget measures show 72% of cuts will be met from women’s income with the remaining 28% from men’s, due to many of the cuts being to benefits that more women than men rely on. Additionally the changes to the tax system will benefit far more men than women.

Since 2006 the government has been bound by a gender equality duty which obligates it to actively promote equality between the sexes.

Samantha Mangwana, employment solicitor at Russell Jones & Walker who is representing the Fawcett Society, said: “Although public authorities have been subject to the gender equality duty for several years now, there is widespread ignorance not only about how strong these laws actually are, but also what specific steps are required to be undertaken. However, the case law is crystal clear in spelling this out. Firstly, an equality impact assessment must be conducted before policy decisions are taken.

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Russell Jones And Walker Launches 2 Way Street Campaign

Russell Jones and Walker, the personal injury specialists, has launched 2 Way Street, a campaign that aims to bring HGV drivers and cyclists together.

The campaign, fronted by Gail Porter, calls for HGV drivers to have cycle awareness training, for cyclists to be encouraged to take cycle training to cope with busy urban roads, and for more investment in the design of cycle-friendly roads. The campaign is supported by CTC, the UK’s national cyclists’ organisation.

On average, every year approximately eight cyclists a year are killed by lorries in London and about 28 are killed by lorries across the UK, with 70% of these in urban areas.

Following the launch of the Barclays Cycle Hire, in July this year, which aims to generate up to 40,000 extra cycle trips a day in central London by providing 5,000 cycles for hire,Paul Kitson, a claimant personal injury specialist with Russell Jones & Walker with particular expertise in cycling claims said: “The launch of Boris Johnson’s Barclay Cycle Hire scheme in central London is even more of reason to draw attention to the relationship between cyclists and HGV drivers in urban areas, and call for positive change.

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