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Be More Aware Of Winter Driving Hazards, Warns Solicitor

The numerous crashes earlier this week on the regions motorways has prompted a local personal injury claims solicitor to remind motorists that extra care is needed throughout the long winter days and nights.

“Throughout the autumn and winter months, the weather conditions, darker days and nights, spark a hike in the number of road traffic accidents throughout the UK,” said Mr Cuerden of PHC Law Ltd.

And he said that a “frightening” rise in personal injury claims is usually seen at this time of year, due to a variety of causes, including speeding, drink-driving, and driving carelessly.

Mr Cuerden said: “I would urge all drivers to slow down, abide by the law and stick to the speed limits on the side streets, in residential areas, as well as on main roads and motorways.

“Check your blind spots and always be aware of other road users around you, especially motorcyclists, pedestrians, the elderly and young children.

“Make sure you are alert at all times while driving, and take a break if at any point you feel tired. Don’t get behind the if you have had a drink too many. Drive carefully and consider other road users around you.

“It is easy to make assumptions that ‘it won’t happen to me’. Even the most experienced of motorists can become complacent.

“Drive carefully, and ensure you take care of your own well-being as well as for others.”

Mr Cuerden is the owner of PHC Law personal injury solicitors, based in Preston, Lancashire.

If you have been injured in a road traffic accident and would like more information about how Mr Cuerden and his team can help, visit www.phclaw.com or call 0800 612 7 612.

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PHC Law Secures £9,000 Compensation For Ladder Fall Victim

A barman who fell from a ladder while taking down a promotional banner has secured £9,000 in damages for his injuries.

With the help of expert personal injury solicitors from Preston-based company PHC Law, the man won the settlement after negotiations which took place following the man issuing legal proceedings against his employer.

During those negotiations it emerged that the accident, in which the man broke his right heel bone, happened despite his immediate superior being stood at the bottom of the ladder at the time watching the work being done.

As he climbed down the ladder, the victim reached for the banner, but slipped and fell to the ground.

When the case was brought, his employers tried to reduce their liability by claiming that the man’s negligence had contributed to the accident, and that he was aware of the risk of an accident happening.

But his legal representative, John Cooper, successfully argued that the man had been simply following the instructions given by his supervisor, and the bar’s manager.

Mr Cooper said that the employer had been right to admit liability, and added: “It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the safety of their employees at all times and in this case, they were found to be negligent.

“The claimant’s employers were ultimately responsible for accessing, planning and ensuring that work being carried out done safely, using suitable safety wear and equipment.”

He concluded: “It has taken three years to settle, but both my client and I are very pleased with outcome.”

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Access Legal from Shoosmiths joins the Institute of Customer Service

Access Legal from Shoosmiths has announced it has joined the Institute of Customer Service, making it the first top 30 legal services firm to do so.

The national law firm believes that becoming a member of the Institute of Customer Service will help support its key strategic aim of delivering the highest levels of client and customer service.

Access Legal provides a variety of services including personal injury claims, and considers customer service to be extremely important. The team at Access Legal aim to be friendly, supportive and caring and treat each client as a real person rather than a ‘case’.

Claire Rowe, chief executive of Shoosmiths, commented: “One of Shoosmiths’ central tenets is that only the very best customer service is good enough.

“And while we’re proud of the service levels we’ve already achieved, we’re the first to acknowledge that there’s always room for improvement.

“We must make sure everyone at the firm is committed to delivering great customer service all the time, which is why we’re rolling out an Institute-associated people development programme, to ensure client service is understood at all levels of the firm.

“One of the reasons we chose to join the Institute is because it’s recognised as the leading body in its field by so many of our clients. And it would be wonderful to think that as the first top 30 law firm to join it, we might just be setting a new benchmark for the legal industry.”

The Institute of Customer Service is an independent, professional membership body for customer service. It aims to be the first port of call for every aspect of customer service, so that its customers can improve their business performance and their overall customer experience.

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Co-operative Legal Services Extends Its Personal Injury Claims Service

The Co-operative Legal Services (CLS) has announced that it is extending its range of personal injury claims services.

Already a specialist in claims arising from road traffic accident claims, CLS is now promoting its services in England and Wales for claims in connection with:
• Accidents at work
• Trips and slips
• Industrial disease claims
• Medical negligence claims
• Sports Injury claims

Eddie Ryan, managing director of CLS said: “It has been our ambition since we launched CLS in 2006 to offer a broader range of Personal Injury Claims services to our membership and the general public.

“We believe that The Co-operative’s values of openness, honesty, social responsibility and caring for others places us in a unique position to provide a different claims service, which is focussed on the customer and their recovery and not just their claim.”

CLS already offers a wide range of free injury claim advice, as well as Will writing services, Conveyancing and Probate and Estate Administration services to The Co-operative members and the general public.

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Access Legal Solicitor Moves From PA To Clinical Negligence Lawyer In Two Countries

Access Legal from Shoosmiths has revealed that one of its clinical negligence specialists has been admitted as a solicitor – for the second time.

Kishma Small, already admitted as a solicitor in the UK, made it a double in her native British Virgin Islands (BVI) in the Caribbean. She is one of the first BVIslanders to complete a Legal Practice Course (LPC), and then remain in the UK to complete a legal training contract.

Kishma has just returned from a special ceremony in the Supreme Court in Road Town, Tortola – the largest of the islands which form the BVI archipelago – where she was required to make a formal speech. Her application to become a solicitor of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court had to be supported by a number of BVI senior legal practitioners for it to be successful. The ceremony was officiated by High Court Judge Her Ladyship Madam Justice Rita Joseph-Olivetti. Kishma’s application was presented by Helene Anne Lewis, senior partner at SimonetteLewis and supported by Colin Riegels, partner at Harney Westwood & Riegels.

Kishma said: “By 2001, I felt that it was time to pursue my dream of becoming a lawyer. I chose to study in the UK because I was confident that I would receive an excellent standard of education as well as gain valuable experience of life abroad, away from my tropical home.

“It was one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever had to make, especially as it meant leaving my friends and family, not to mention my country – but it was something I needed to do. I’m so grateful for this phenomenal opportunity – being admitted to practice in the BVI is quite literally a dream come true. I’m privileged to be able to do the job I love in my two favourite countries.”

Richard Follis, partner and national head of clinical negligence at Shoosmiths said: “To be admitted once as a qualified solicitor shows real hard work; to be admitted twice is a fantastic achievement. We’re incredibly proud of Kishma. She’s set a wonderful example to both the team and the legal profession as a whole.”

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Access Legal Makes First Manchester Hire

Access Legal from Shoosmiths – national law firm Shoosmiths’ consumer legal services brand – has made its first Manchester hire.

Partner and personal injury specialist Debra Woolfson becomes the first non-Lender Services Group employee at the Spinningfields office.

Her appointment comes two months after Shoosmiths announced it would go full service in Manchester, just a year after opening in the city in January 2009.

Partner and head of consumer services Judith Dorkins said: “Having said we’d go full service ahead of schedule many people expected appointments in other corporate areas, ones that would naturally complement our lender services offering.

“But when someone of Debra’s calibre becomes available you’re almost obliged to strike while the iron’s hot, and if we’re able to develop our personal injury work sooner rather than later then we’ll do it. The opportunity presented itself and we’ve grabbed it with both hands.”

Access Legal from Shoosmith was launched on February 1 and offers more than 100 legal services to consumers under seven headings: conveyancing; employment law; personal injury; legal disputes; medical negligence; motoring; and wills, family and wealth. It is among corporate, commercial, commercial property, employment, restructuring and insolvency, and regulatory services that Shoosmiths aims to offer from its 3 Hardman Street base.

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RJW Investigates Reports Of Failures At Staffordshire Hospitals

RJW is currently investigating cases of negligence after a report by Robert Francis QC revealed a catalogue of failures at Mid Staffordshire hospitals. An obsession with hitting targets led to the neglect and unnecessary death of patients. In response, the Prime Minister said that managers would be held to account for failures by the Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust.

RJW Investigates Reports Of Failures At Staffordshire Hospitals

Francis warned that hospitals should understand that their excellence was not guaranteed by their star rating: what matters is the way patients are treated.

“The story of Stafford shows graphically, and sadly, that benchmarks, comparative ratings and foundation trust status do not in themselves bring to light serious and systematic failings,” he said.

Relatives of patients at Mid Staffordshire were unhappy that the report failed to support calls by organisations such as AvMA (Action against Medical Accidents) for a public enquiry.

Paul Sankey, specialist clinical negligence solicitor and partner at Russell Jones & Walker (RJW) said: “What is needed is a patient-centred culture in which pursuing targets does not detract from care. Sadly patients are too often been the victims of errors which should have been avoided.”

Russell Jones & Walker have a specialist team pursuing claims for people who have suffered serious harm as a result of avoidable medical accidents. They have recently recovered a 7-figure award for a brain injury claim on behalf of a man who suffered the injury after doctors failed to carry out a planned investigation and to prevent a stroke. They have also won compensation for the husband of a woman who died of skin cancer and another who died of lung cancer. Other cases concern people whose fractures were not diagnosed where the wrong tests were done or x-rays misinterpreted. They are currently involved in claims against the Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust.

RJW has a specialist medical negligence claims department with experts accredited by the Law Society and AvMA who handle claims for damages arising from clinical negligence. With its network of offices across the country RJW can assist with claims nationwide.

About Russell Jones & Walker
Russell Jones & Walker is a leading national firm of solicitors dedicated to upholding the legal rights of individuals. From the firms foundation in the 1920s the focus has and continues to be, people and those who represent them.

The firm has grown from its trade union roots into a respected national organisation with nine offices across England and Wales, and an associated office in Scotland. The reputation of Russell Jones & Walker is built on the range of expertise offered by its partners and staff and on the scope of their practical experience.

RJW Solicitors represents clients across a range of areas from personal injury claims work to commercial and criminal litigation, defamation, reputation management, clinical negligence, including cancer claims, as well as providing specialties as employment lawyers and fraud lawyers.

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Shoosmiths Has Launched A New Brand For Its Consumer Legal Services

Shoosmiths launches new brand, Access Legal, to bring together more than 100 legal services for consumers.

Partner and head of consumer services at Shoosmiths, Judith Dorkins, said: “Consumers lack easy and reassuring access to legal services and advice. The consumer legal market is fragmented and without a leading legal brand, leaving it open to new entrants as a result of the Legal Services Act. We recognised an opportunity in that we were ideally placed to put our stake in the ground as the professional law firm that wants to attain a share of this ‘new’ market.

Shoosmiths Has Launched A New Brand For Its Consumer Legal Services

“We already had the expertise, track record and infrastructure in place, but what we hadn’t fully refined was our customer care and the integration of our core conveyancing; wills, family and wealth; and personal injury services into a complete product range.”

The new Access Legal website also brings all of the Shoosmiths’ services, whether it is helping people buy a house or advising on a £multi-million corporate deal, under the Shoosmiths’ name.

“Marketing to consumers and to commercial clients requires different approaches, and we felt the time was right to wrap up our distinct consumer services in a standalone brand that’s accessible and friendly, yet highly professional, and which has over 150 years’ history and experience to back it up.”

Access Legal from Shoosmiths is for people who take responsibility for their lives, and who recognise the value of specialist professional advice.

The new logo for the brand has been created by Shoosmiths’ in-house design team and the typeface reflects both the modern and traditional elements of the new services, whilst retaining the Shoosmiths blue.

Dorkins said: “Our research amongst consumers identified that they wanted the reassurance of a law firm but with modern service delivery which fitted around their busy lives, so our helpline will be operational seven days a week. Research also revealed that very few law firms were providing added value to clients in terms of staying in touch and providing relevant and timely information.”

Access Legal is a fundamental move away from the old fashioned lawyers’ view of the client as a ‘transaction’ and a move to recognise that people have legal needs throughout their life – Shoosmiths’ aim is to earn and retain that loyalty. Ultimately, Shoosmiths wants to provide consumers with the solutions to their complete lifetime legal needs.

Shoosmiths’ commercial and consumer operations complement each other because some of the firm’s larger commercial clients offer their employees discounted legal services as part of a benefits package.

Crucial to the brand’s success will be the new website which was developed by Shoosmiths’ in-house IT and creative teams.

Dorkins said: “Internally, people see the sense in doing this because we’re making our service offering clearer with separate websites and brands for our different stakeholders, whether they are commercial organisations, consumers, or our own employees.”

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The Co-Operative Legal Services Provide Will Writing Service

The Co-operative Legal Services (CLS) has teamed up with Emma’s Diary, the leading website for pregnant women and new mums, to provide an exclusive Will writing service.

Through extensive research amongst its members, Emma’s Diary understands what mums want and has recognised the need to provide further information on writing a will, which is one of the top things that parents do after having a baby. As a result, Emma’s Diary has chosen to work with CLS as its sole Will provider and will be promoting this service to all its members via the Money Matters finance section of the website.

Eddie Ryan, Managing Director of CLS said: “Emma’s Diary understands how writing a Will protects its members and their families.

“They wanted to work with a partner whose trusted, ethical and professional approach would ensure that writing a Will would be a positive experience whilst delivering the required legal expertise needed for such an important decision.”

Emma’s Diary has a membership base of just over 1.3 million members, which attracts appropriately 100,000 unique users on its website every month.

The Co-operative Legal Services provide a range of legal services to members and customers covering Will writing, Probate & Estate Administration, Conveyancing, Employment and Personal Injury Claims. A wide range of free legal advice is also provided.

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Accident Advice Helpline (AAH), The UK’s Largest Claims Management Company, Has Announced The Re-Launch Of ‘Resolusion’, The Fast Track Personal Injury Service

The move follows the acquisition of Resolusion from Elision Group – the specialist technology company who developed the system – to set an industry standard for faster and more cost-effective claims settlement in line with the Ministry of Justice claims process reforms.


The Resolusion system has already demonstrated significant cost savings to both insurers and litigant solicitors following extensive pilot testing over the last 2 years with leading personal injury law firms and insurers, and will change the landscape of personal injury claims by significantly reducing 3rd party costs and settlement times.

Commenting on the launch, Darren Werth – Managing Director of Accident Advice Helpline said, “The re-launch of the Resolusion platform will help proposed MOJ reforms in streamlining the claims process and provide cost savings to both insurers and personal injury law firms. We are planning to run some of our own claims through the system during the next few months and prove that the claimant still receives access to justice, still using lawyers where appropriate and still ensuring adequate compensation and medical assessment at a lesser cost and time.”

An innovative part of the Resolusion service will be the initial medical assessment process, originally designed by Health & Case Management Limited (HCML) and Professor Mansel Aylward, and already used for medical assessments for the DWP Pathways to Work programme. The screening process immediately reduces the need for expensive Medical Reports and associated referral fees, and allows for the early use of rehabilitation where appropriate.

Darren Werth added, “The MOJ claims process reforms are here and we believe the Resolusion platform and service is crucial to the insurers if they are to meet these proposals, we have approached a number of insurers whose claims we capture on a daily basis and with them we hope to be able to lead the change in how personal injury claims are settled”.

About Accident Advice Helpline
Accident Advice Helpline was established in 2000 following the removal of legal aid to accident victims with personal injury cases. The company was founded to provide access to justice for accident victims and, since its creation, has helped thousands of people claim compensation against the responsible parties.

Working on a no win, no fee basis, the injury compensation specialist is the UK’s leading company of its kind and prides itself on quick and effective claims processing with high quality service and an admirable success rate. The level of customer satisfaction which Accident Advice Helpline is known for is characterised by television star Esther Rantzen’s continued support for the company, which she has steadily provided since 2003.

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Law Firm Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP Has Won Substantial Compensation For The Widow Of A Cyclist Killed In A Fatal Collision With An HGV

The driver of the HGV collided with the cyclist, Stephen Ferguson, despite the fact that Mr Ferguson was directly in front of his vehicle.

In April 2007, Mr Ferguson, a father of three from Dulwich in South East London was cycling to work when he approached a set of traffic lights on red. Passing a stationary HGV, he positioned himself in front of it, ready to cycle off when the lights went green. The driver, whose HGV was missing a nearside mirror, failed to see Mr Ferguson in front of his vehicle and when the lights changed, moved off, driving over Mr Ferguson and his bicycle, killing him instantly.

Mr Ferguson’s widow Emma instructed Field Fisher Waterhouse’s personal injury partner, Jill Greenfield and associate, Mark Bowman to represent her in a claim (Case number: 41899.1) against Hendricks Lovell Limited, the haulage company which employed the driver of the HGV.

Hendricks denied causing the road traffic accident but during investigations it was established that the driver had his radio on, had an open newspaper on the passenger seat and was missing one of his mirrors. Hendricks finally agreed to pay substantial financial compensation to Emma Ferguson and her three young children, now aged six, four and one.

Mark Bowman, solicitor at Field Fisher Waterhouse commented: “This tragic case highlights the danger that HGVs pose to cyclists and why they must be fitted with the correct mirrors. More needs to be done to ensure that cycling in London is safe and that these accidents happen far less.”

Emma Ferguson said: “I would like to thank Field Fisher Waterhouse for all their amazing work. This will make a real difference to the children’s future. I am, and I know Stephen would be, very grateful to them for that.”


About Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP
Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP is a full service European law firm with offices in Brussels, Hamburg, Paris, London and Manchester and exclusive relationships with Spanish firm Jiménez de Parga and Italian firm, La Scala. The firm has over 120 partners, 220 other lawyers and nearly 300 support staff. FFW assists a wide range of international clients, advising across the full range of legal issues.

The firm’s main areas of practice are corporate and commercial, IP and technology, banking and finance, regulatory and real estate. FFW also has particular expertise in employment & pensions, dispute resolution, tax and competition & EU law, Medical Negligence, Spinal Injury and Personal Injury Claims.

The international client base includes listed and unlisted companies, multinationals, banks and other financial institutions, professional partnerships, trade associations and Government departments. A distinctive feature of the firm is its industry focus, acknowledged as leading experts in the public sector, technology and media sectors.

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