AAA Attorney Network Announces New Debt Relief Attorney Network and Injury Doctors Network

AAA Attorney Network, the leader in Attorney referral services since 1996 has three new Networks to offer potential clients. The new Debt Relief Attorney Network covers loan modifications,foreclosure defense and Bankruptcy. All the networks are unique in the specific legal category or preference they target . According to Lisa Spitzer the brainchild” Having numerous networks increases the chances on the search engines” People like specialists and google is pushing relevance. The Injury Doctors Network will be launched shortly. Each network will link to specific networks for each state. There is a Jewish Lawyers network,Injury Lawyers Network and criminal defense network. The future plans include a Women Lawyers Network and a Hispanic (Spanish speaking) lawyers network. There is also a practice management component.

This is a new and interesting concept. I believe what we have here is an Association of Networks. What an interesting concept. According to Spitzer” the networks where chosen based on the analysis of caller requests observed over the years. There are some very specific preferences callers have” This is a new concept in lawyer and medical marketing.

Via EPR Network
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