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Jury Finds that Escort, Inc. and Beltronics USA, Inc. Infringe Two GPS Radar Detector Patents

On July 3, 2012, a jury found that Escort, Inc. (www.escortradar.com) and Beltronics USA, Inc. (www.beltronics.com) infringed numerous claims in U.S. Patent Nos. RE39,038 and RE40,653. In particular, the jury held that Escort’s Passport 9500i, Passport 9500ix, and Passport iQ radar detectors, together with Beltronics USA’s GX65 radar detectors, directly infringe claims 3, 5, 6, 7, 25, 26, 27, and 28 of U.S. Patent No. RE39,038 (“the ‘038 patent”) and claims 22, 31, 32, 33, 38, and 41 of U.S. Patent No. RE40,653 (“the ‘653 patent”). The jury also found that Escort and Beltronics contributed to the infringement of claims 3, 5, 6, 7, 25, and 28 in the ‘038 patent and claims 22, 24, 31, 32, and 33 in the ‘653 patent. The jury further found that Escort’s Passport 9500ix and Passport iQ radar detectors, together with Beltronics USA’s GX65 radar detectors, infringe claim 24 of the ‘653 patent.

The ‘038 and the ‘653 patents are owned by Hoyt Fleming, an Idaho inventor of 37 U.S. Patents. On March 10, 2009, Mr. Fleming filed a complaint (Case Number 1:09-cv-00105-BLW, United States District Court District of Idaho) alleging that Escort and Beltronics USA infringed the ‘038 and the ‘653 patents. Escort alleged that certain claims of the Fleming patents were invalid because Steven Orr, while working for Cincinnati Microwave, Inc. in 1996, made Fleming’s invention earlier in time than Fleming. On July 3, 2012, after a trial spanning more than two-weeks that included live testimony from Steven Orr, John Kuhn (Escort’s Vice President of Engineering), and John Larson (Escort’s President), the jury refused to invalidate the above claims of the Fleming patents based upon Steven Orr’s alleged prior work.

“I am very happy with the jury’s verdict because the jury held that Escort and Beltronics are infringing two of my patents. I am looking forward to a future trial in which another jury will also find that Escort and Beltronics and many of their retailers, including Best Buy and Amazon.com, are willfully infringing a third of my radar detector patents, U.S. Patent No. RE41,905,” said Mr. Fleming. Mr. Fleming is represented by Mr. Michael S. Dowler ofPark, Vaughan, Fleming, and Dowler LLP in Houston, Texas. Escort and Beltronics USA are represented by Gregory F. Ahrens and Brett A. Schatz and of Wood Herron & Evans in Cincinnati, OH together with Steven B. Andersen of Holland and Hart in Boise, ID.

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Former Judge Joins Kitchens New Cleghorn As Of Counsel

Former Merit Systems Protection Board judge and nationally recognized legal professional Stuart A. Miller has joined the Atlanta law firm of Kitchens New Cleghorn, LLC as Of Counsel, bringing 33 years of extensive experience with federal employment law.

Miller comes to the firm having recently retired as Administrative Judge with the MSPB Atlanta Regional Office, where he served for 21 years. His career also includes positions as Associate Counsel for Personnel and Ethics with the Defense Contract Management Agency and as Labor Counselor with the Department of the Army.

Miller started May 1.

“I chose KNC because of its impeccable reputation for excellence, integrity and fairness in dealing with clients and opposing counsel,” Miller said. “ I was honored to join a firm of consummate professionals.”

Addition Brings Far-Reaching Expertise to Atlanta Law Firm

Miller brings an impressive resume which partners Joyce Kitchens, Randy New and Jeff Cleghorn consider an invaluable addition to the firm.

A former adjunct faculty member of the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps School, in Charlottesville, Va., Miller has specialized in MSPB practice and procedure and made countless presentations on labor law topics. Miller also spent years as a teacher for the National Institute of Trial Advocacy. In addition, for more than a decade, Miller has been the featured speaker at the federal Bar Association’s yearly Labor Law Symposium, in Huntsville, Ala.

“As a former federal judge, Stu Miller brings decades of legal experience to Kitchens New Cleghorn,” said KNC partner Jeff Cleghorn. “Judge Miller is nationally respected for his subject-matter expertise.”

Miller received his law degree in 1978 from the Emory University School of Law and has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland.

Miller Expands Employment Law Capabilities at Atlanta Law Firm

Miller’s extensive federal employment law background is particularly valuable to KNC, which maintains an MSPB and federal employment law branch. In his position as Of Counsel, Miller will work closely with KNC partners and lend his years of experience to resolving cases involving this sophisticated area of law.

With offices in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Athens, Marietta and Lawrenceville, KNC is a comprehensive law resource for central Georgia. For more information about KNC, visithttp://www.gadivorcelitigators.com or http://www.gadivorcelitigators.com/alpharetta.htm.

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What You Need to Know About Alimony in Alpharetta

Alimony is one of the most misunderstood legal concepts and it can also be a confusing and frustrating addition to your life. If you are getting divorced you could be forced to make alimony payments in Alpharetta. That means part of your salary or business income could go to your ex spouse.

The only way you can have control over the alimony that will pay will be to hire an attorney to look after your interests. If you are not represented by a lawyer the judge and worse your spouse’s attorney will be the ones making the decision. That means you could needlessly loose a large portion of your income to such payments.

It means that you might not be able to take out mortgages or car loans in the future because part of your income is going out in the form of alimony. It also means that you could have a hard time getting business financing that you need or paying your bills. Alimony can be garnished directly from your salary or bank account.

Alimony payments in Alpharetta could substantially reduce your income and force you to make major changes to your lifestyle. Fortunately there are some actions you can take to reduce alimony. You and your attorney can sit down with your spouse and his or her attorney and negotiate a fair rate of payment.

You might even be able to avoid alimony entirely by equitably dividing up assets or making other arrangements. Yet will not know what your rights are if you do not have an attorney advising you.

Something to remember is that neither the judge nor your spouse’s lawyer will look out for your rights in regards to alimony. Only your lawyer will be able to do that for you.

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Taking the Hassle and the Guess Work out of Adoptions in Alpharetta

Adoption can either be easy or it can be hard depending on how you do it. Fortunately there is a way to take a lot of the guess work and hassle out of adoptions in Alpharetta, hire a lawyer to handle the paper work. An attorney who is experienced with child custody and adoption cases can make the process faster and simpler.

For example the lawyer will know exactly what paperwork you will need to file and where to file it. He can also when you need to file it and how to file it. Beyond paperwork the attorney can know what objections you might face and how to overcome them. Attorneys can help persons do not meet traditional parental stereotypes including gays, singles and older persons adopt.

They can also help people navigate the legal maze that often surrounds overseas adoptions. In many cases adoption agencies and brokers will not tell you what perils might be standing in your way. Nor is there any guarantee than an agency has done its homework, filled out the right paperwork or met the legal qualifications.

In many cases the well-meaning volunteers at adoption agencies will not do that. Instead they will use one size fits all forms and little else leaving parents to handle the legal problems. It is entirely possible that there could be legal issues surrounding the adoption you are unaware of. You might not find out what they are until a summons server knocks on your door.

Bringing home a child and creating a home for him or her can be difficult enough so new parents may not have the time to take care of all the legal implications as well. In such a case a good lawyer with a lot of experience in adoptions in Alpharetta can be a lifesaver. He or she can take care all of the paperwork and legal details leaving the parents free to concentrate on their child.

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Law Firm Business Development Book Receives Legal Marketing Association – Bay Area Chapter’s Highest Award

Author and consultant David King Keller, President of the Keller Business Development Advisory Group, received the prestigious 2011 Law Firm Practice Development Award of Excellence from the Legal Marketing Association – Bay Area Chapter for his new book, 100 Ways To Grow A Thriving Law Practice, at a ceremony held last night at San Francisco’s Four Seasons Hotel.

keller.jpg (216×314)

The awarding judges noted, “Keller’s book is loaded with innovative and creative ways for a law firm to conduct business development.” 100 Ways To Grow A Thriving Law Practice was called “my bible” by Susan Roe, Director of Professional Development at the law firm of Gordon & Rees LLP. Roe also said, “The book is concise, to the point and highlights ways that are useful and practical. I highly recommend it as a reference book.” The long list of marketing and promotional techniques in the book comes from “over twenty years of using sales and marketing experience to grow business revenue for firms of all sizes, from the solo practitioner to an international Fortune 100 company,” stated author Keller. “Some of the 100 Ways are completely unique and offer opportunities never previously considered by many businesses,” said Keller. Keller recommends that the Chairman or Managing Partner of every firm take the book’s Business Development Rating Test.“Most firms will find out they are not taking advantage of many available business development opportunities,” asserts Keller.

100 Ways To Grow A Thriving Law Practice will also help any professional services company grow their business revenue,” asserts Keller. The author says that, “if the reader only does ‘Way #17’ they should recognize a six to seven figure revenue gain within six to twelve months.”

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Durham Attorney Elected To The Executive Committee Of The NC Advocates For Justice; Scheduled To Take Presidency In June 2011

Guy Crabtree, a partner at Pulley Watson, King & Lischer, P.A. in Durham, has been re-elected to the Executive Committee of the North Carolina Advocates for Justice (NCAJ), a state-wide association of attorneys who protect the rights of all North Carolinians in civil and criminal cases.  The election took place at the association’s annual convention currently being held at the Hilton Riverside in Wilmington. Mr. Crabtree has been an active member of the organization since 1978 and has previously served as Vice-President for Education and Vice-President for Communications. During the 2010 -11 term, he will serve as President-Elect and is scheduled to take on the Presidency in June 2011.

Durham Attorney Elected To The Executive Committee Of The NC Advocates For Justice; Scheduled To Take Presidency In June 2011

Mr. Crabtree has over 30 years of legal experience and is best known for his representation of victims in auto wrecks caused by drunk drivers, polluters in environmental and toxic tort cases, medical malpractice and nursing home negligence. In 1983, he began as a partner with King, Walker, Lambe & Crabtree. Then, in 1999 he became a partner at Pulley, Watson, King & Lischer, P.A. where he currently practices in Durham.

Mr. Crabtree attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he attained a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. He holds his law degree from North Carolina Central University, where he graduated with honors, and was admitted to the State Bar in 1978. Mr. Crabtree work has been rated “AV”, the highest rating for legal ability and general ethical standards set by Martindale-Hubbell, a respected national legal directory.  In addition, Mr. Crabtree has been included on the lists of The Best Lawyers in America by Woodward/White and Super Lawyers of North Carolina .

The NC Advocates for Justice (NCAJ) and its 4,000 members are dedicated to protecting the rights of all North Carolinians.  NCAJ provides continuing legal education for lawyers aimed at enhancing the quality of the legal profession, offers public education programs aimed at enhancing public access and understanding of the legal system, amicus briefs for the appellate courts, and advocacy work at the legislature in the areas of criminal and civil justice.  The association has served its members for over 45 years.

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Goldsboro Attorney / Former Legislator Elected President Of North Carolina Advocates For Justice

Philip A Baddour Jr., a partner at Baddour, Parker & Hine, PC in Goldsboro, has been elected President of the North Carolina Advocates for Justice (NCAJ), a state-wide association of attorneys who protect the rights of all North Carolinians in civil and criminal cases.  The election took place at the association’s annual convention currently being held at the Hilton Riverside in Wilmington. He recently served as the association’s President-Elect, and previously served as Legislative Vice President and as a member of the NCAJ Board of Governors.

Goldsboro Attorney / Former Legislator Elected President Of North Carolina Advocates For Justice

Today, Mr. Baddour replaces David Pishko of Elliot Pishko Morgan P.A. (Winston-Salem), who held the position of President in 2009-2010.   Mr. Baddour is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He received his law degree from the University of North Carolina School of Law in 1967.  He brings 41 years of experience to his practice of Personal Injury, Workers’ Compensation, Social Security Disability and Civil Litigation.    Mr. Baddour represents the Goldsboro Housing Authority, Wayne Community College and the Village of Walnut Creek. Additionally, he is a certified mediator and frequently mediates cases for attorneys across Eastern North Carolina.

A native of Goldsboro, Mr. Baddour was formerly a member of the North Carolina House of Representatives where he served as the Majority Leader in the House for two terms.  He has also served on the Commission for the Future of the Courts in North Carolina, the North Carolina Economic Development Board and the North Carolina Board of Transportation. He is a past president of the Goldsboro Area Chamber of Commerce, the Wayne County Economic Development Commission and the Goldsboro Rotary Club. Also, Mr. Baddour is a retired Colonel with the North Carolina National Guard, where he served as Staff Judge Advocate.

The NC Advocates for Justice (NCAJ) and its 4,000 members are dedicated to protecting the rights of all North Carolinians.  NCAJ provides continuing legal education for lawyers aimed at enhancing the quality of the legal profession, offers public education programs aimed at enhancing public access and understanding of the legal system, amicus briefs for the appellate courts, and advocacy work at the legislature in the areas of criminal and civil justice.  The association has served its members for over 45 years.

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Quigal.com Is Celebrating Its National Launch With A Sweepstakes Campaign

Quigal.com is celebrating its national launch with a sweepstakes campaign, which will award the winner an Amazon Kindle.

Quigal.com offers users the ability to search online for top-tier attorneys in their local market. “We felt that giving away a Kindle was the perfect way to launch our product nationally,” said Founder and CEO, Renate Harrison. “The Kindle is an innovative new device that is changing the way people read books and, similarly, Quigal is innovative and new and changing the way the people search for attorneys.”

The sweepstakes will run for a period of two months and participants can enter several ways: (i) by leaving feedback on Quigal’s website – Quigal employees are looking forward to reading the feedback and will consider any added features or changes visitors suggest; (ii) by becoming fans of Quigal on Facebook; and finally, (iii) by becoming followers of Quigal on Twitter.

Quigal.com is one of the first attorney search websites to make extensive use of social networking. Moreover, Quigal.com allows its attorneys to link to their own social networking sites. This is a feature that many other attorney search sites have not yet exploited. Harrison noted that, “At Quigal, we strive to run our site in a way that matches how visitors and businesses use the internet. Many businesses and professionals make use of social networking sites to promote their trade and it just seemed natural that Quigal would allow its attorneys to link to them as well.”

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Online Attorney Search Website To Offer Nationwide Service

Quigal, LLC, a leading provider of online attorney search services in Massachusetts , announced today that it will be offering nationwide service. Quigal.com is an attorney search engine that allows users to easily search for and quickly contact top quality legal professionals located in their area. Quigal first launched its initial beta website in Massachusetts in October of last year.

Online Attorney Search Website To Offer Nationwide Service

“Quigal.com has continued to grow as expected and we are excited to bring this service to users nationwide,” commented Renate Harrison, founder and CEO. “The entire country can now have access to quality attorneys anytime.”

Since first launching its site, Quigal.com has been steadily changing the way the public searches for attorneys online. Its attorney search service allows a user to simultaneously contact up to ten distinguished attorneys by geographical location and practice area.

In preparation for launching nationwide, Quigal.com made sure its database infrastructure was ready to handle the challenges of going national. “We took the time we needed to make sure that our national launch would go smoothly and seamlessly, we know our users expect nothing less,” explained Harrison .

In conjunction with its national launch, Quigal.com has also announced that it will be running a sweepstakes campaign. More information regarding that campaign can be found by visiting www.Quigal.com.

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A Solution to Streamline Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcy Law Firm Operations

When a consumer is interested in filing bankruptcy, they will normally contact a bankruptcy attorney in their area or simply walk into their office with no prior appointment. The average consumer will also want to know how much it will cost to file bankruptcy, at which time the attorney must gather enough information about their financial situation to provide a reasonable quote for services. The majority of attorneys do this by providing a free initial consultation.

A Solution to Streamline Chapter 7 and 13 Bankruptcy Law Firm Operations

Unfortunately, this method is proving to be extremely unsuccessful for many Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys. For example, a small law practice in Denver, Colorado recently said that she often only coverts 2 out of 10 free consultations to actual bankruptcy clients who retain her services. This is a great loss of time and money; in fact, about 80% of it.

Another attorney in Los Angeles, California said that he spends about 25 hours of free consultations per week to average 3 new clients who pay a retainer. And still, another attorney in Phoenix, Arizona said that he is spending so much of his time with free client consultations that end up resulting in a total loss of income, that he has little time to dedicate to clients who have retained him. He is considering hiring an in-house attorney or law student but is afraid he cannot afford it right now.

Problems like these, and thousands more like them are not uncommon in the average Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy office today. However, attorneys are finding the necessity to streamline operations just to keep up with the increased workload within the bankruptcy industry itself. They no longer can afford to spend 3, 4 or more hours per day interviewing clients, only to find out they either are ineligible to file bankruptcy; or even worse, to discover there are potential problems that may cost more time for the attorney or paralegal that were not anticipated during the initial client meeting.

A Proposed Solution
The Initial Intake Form, a tool recently developed by Colorado Bankruptcy Training, is designed to enable law firms to meet these time saving goals as well as accomplish much more.

The Initial Intake Form is a 4-page form that is basically comprised of yes and no questions. This makes it very simple and fast for potential client(s) to fill out and complete either at the law firm or over the internet by accessing the law firm’s website. The information gathered from these yes and no responses is designed to be simple and fast for the attorney to interpret also. This is accomplished through the extremely detailed, 75-page Operations Manual that comes with the package.

To find out more and watch a product demo VIDEO about the Initial Intake Form Kit, visit: http://www.coloradobankruptcytraining.com/products_intakeform.html.

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James Scott Farrin Attorney Reaches Out To New Lawyers

Sean Cole, a personal injury attorney at the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin, spoke at a seminar sponsored by the North Carolina Advocates for Justice (NCAJ) titled “Trying Your First Case.” The event was held at NCAJ headquarters in Raleigh on Sept. 18.

James Scott Farrin Attorney Reaches Out To New Lawyers

The seminar covered topics ranging f r o m preparing for the trial to continued vigilance after the trial is over. Cole focused his talk on jury selection and the presentation and handling of witnesses and evidence.

“There is absolutely no substitute for trial experience,” he said. “But to get ready for that, you have to hear f r o m people who already have it.”

The seminar was designed around a member-identified need for more education on practical trial skills. While the majority of the approximately 20 participants were new to the field of law, several were seasoned attorneys who just didn’t have a lot of trial experience.

Despite a full caseload at the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin, Cole says he will always make time to help the NCAJ pursue its Continuing Legal Education (CLE) functions.

“When I just started as an attorney, I’d go to a lot of CLE programs, especially those given by the NCAJ,” said Cole, a 12-year legal veteran. “I was impressed by how many great attorneys were taking the time to teach and share their experiences just to help others become better lawyers. I knew it would be important to give back one day.”

The Law Offices of James Scott Farrin encourages its attorneys to become involved with NCAJ, and the firm as a whole is a member of the group’s Leader’s Forum – the highest level of firm financial contribution recognized by the NCAJ. Most of the firm’s attorneys are NCAJ members, several of whom hold leadership positions.

Cole is extremely active in the NCAJ. He recently received an Order of Service Award f r o m the organization for his contributions to advancing its mission of protecting people’s rights. Other James Scott Farrin attorneys who received Order of Service Awards included: James S. Farrin, Michael Jordan, J. Stewart Clontz and Rick Fleming. Cole currently serves as a member of the Education Committee and is the Listserve Security Officer for the Auto Torts Executive Committee. In addition, he was Editor in Chief of the NCAJ’s newly released North Carolina Manual of Complaints– 3rd Ed. Over the years, he has presented at more than a dozen NCAJ Continuing Legal Education programs.

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Law Offices of James Scott Farrin Attorney Earns Board Certification

The Law Offices of James Scott Farrin is proud to announce that Attorney Barry Jennings has recently passed the exam to become a Board Certified Specialist in Workers’ Compensation Law.

Board Certified Specialists are lawyers certified by the North Carolina State Bar as having demonstrated special knowledge, skill and proficiency in a specific area of law. The certification process for workers’ compensation law requires at least five years of substantial involvement practicing workers’ compensation law, completing at least 36 hours of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits in workers’ compensation and related legal fields, a satisfactory review by at least five legal peers, and passing a comprehensive written examination.

Prior to joining the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin in 2006, Jennings worked as a defense attorney defending employers against the claims of injured workers. This experience has given him a keen appreciation for workers’ compensation law from both sides of the table.

A graduate of the University of North Carolina School of Law, Jennings currently represents workers who have suffered serious injuries as a result of a work accident. He is a member of The Order of Barristers, the Workplace Injury Litigation Group and the North Carolina Advocates for Justice.

Four of the six Board Certified Specialists in Workers’ Compensation law practicing in the city of Durham work for the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin. In addition, James Scott Farrin Attorney Rick Fleming is a Board Certified Specialist in Social Security Disability Law.

“We are committed to providing top notch legal talent for our clients,” says Founder and President James S. Farrin. “We believe that our experienced, capable attorneys, including our Board Certified Specialists, can make a difference in our client’s cases.”

Founded: 1997 by James S. Farrin, Duke University School of Law, J.D. (1990) in Durham

Number of employees: Approximately 130, including 24 attorneys. Approximately 20 staff members are fluently bilingual, speaking English and Spanish.

Offices: 13 statewide, including Durham , Raleigh , Charlotte , Fayetteville , Greensboro , Greenville , Goldsboro , Henderson , New Bern , Roanoke Rapids, Rocky Mount , Sanford , Wilson

Major practice areas: Personal Injury, Intellectual Property, Civil Rights, Social Security, Workers’ Compensation

Website: http://www.farrin.com

Presently leading one of the largest civil rights cases in United States history: In re Black Farmers Discrimination Litigation, Case No. 08-mc-0511 (PLF) (D.D.C.), which deals with the United States Department of Agriculture’s discrimination against African-American farmers.

The firm’s many philanthropic pursuits include Duke Children’s Hospital, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and Mothers Against Drunk Driving. The firm has a matching-gift program wherein it matches an employee’s philanthropic contributions.

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Schillings Grows Family Department To Meet Increasing Client Demand

Schillings, the leading law firm protecting the rights and reputations of corporate organisations, high-profile individuals and those in the public eye, has increased its family department to meet the growing demand from its clients, particularly those who want to ensure their family and matrimonial matters are not publicised by the media.

Schillings has recently recruited Davina Hay to join its family law department alongside Keith Schilling, Rachel Atkins and David Greer. A litigator with expertise in family law, Davina advises on separation, divorce and ancillary relief, jurisdictional disputes, multi-jurisdictional divorce cases involving significant assets and enforcement issues. Before she joined Schillings, Davina trained and qualified at a City law firm where she spent six years acting for a number of well known actors, successful entrepreneurs and international clients. She brings with her extensive experience as a litigator and enhances the firm’s provision of advice to high net-worth and high profile individuals in all aspects of divorce, relationship breakdown, ancillary relief, pre- and post-nuptial agreements and private children matters.

Schillings’ family department is led by Keith Schilling, the founder and senior partner of the firm, who represented Shan Lambert in her successful appeal in 2002, achieving the first 50/50 split of assets in a “big money” divorce.

Working alongside Mr Schilling is Partner Rachel Atkins who earlier this year, together with Associate David Greer, acted for a celebrity father in a test case following the introduction of new rules allowing media attendance in family proceedings, and succeeded in application to exclude the media from attending court hearings concerning his child.

When speaking about the growing family department Keith Schilling said, “In the last few years we have seen a significant increase in the demand for advice from high net worth and high profile individuals in connection with matters relating to divorce, often involving multiple jurisdictions, children and most notably pre- and post-nuptial agreements.”

Mr Schilling went on to say, “High net worth individuals and those in the public eye regularly discover their privacy has been invaded or their reputation defamed when details of their personal lives or the breakdown of their relationship are leaked to the press and publicised. It is logical, therefore, to respond to the demand from our clients by strengthening our team and combining our family and matrimonial advice with the firm’s pre-eminent experience in the area of reputation protection, so that we can ensure that press interest is managed to our client’s advantage.”

Speaking about the press interest surrounding high net worth individuals and those in the public eye Davina Hay said, “Clients, even those without a high public profile, are increasingly finding themselves the subject of intrusive press interest following relationship breakdown or in the event of disputes involving children. Aside from the unwanted emotional strain at an already stressful time, the financial consequences of the resulting reputational damage can be devastating. However, it is possible to manage such threats and give clients the space to resolve family issues free from unwanted media scrutiny.”

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Schillings Announce Libel Claim Win For Michael Essien Against The People

The Chelsea premiership footballer Michael Essien, represented by London law firm Schillings, has won his libel claim (Case number HQ09X02164) against the People newspaper.

Libel proceedings were issued against MGN Limited, the publisher of the People newspaper, following the publication of two articles. The first article, published on 25 May 2008, carried the headline “Chelsea Cheat Michael Essien: I’ll Stand by my Love Child”. This was followed by another article on 3 May 2009 under the headline “Sex Cheat Star Essien Gets Boot”.

The articles claimed that Mr Essien had cheated on his long term partner by having numerous affairs with other women and fathered a child behind his partner’s back. As a result, his partner had called off their wedding. These allegations were found to be false and grossly defamatory towards Mr Essien.

The People has accepted that these allegations are untrue, and has paid Mr Essien substantial damages as well as agreeing to pay his legal costs. The People have also undertaken not to repeat the allegations.

In its apology, the People said: “On 25 May 2008 and 3 May 2009 we reported that Michael Essien had cheated on his long term girlfriend Nadia Buari by having numerous affairs behind her back including one in which he fathered a child. On 3 May we reported that as a result of his behaviour Ms Buari called their wedding off. We now accept that these allegations are untrue. We apologise to Mr Essien for any distress or embarrassment caused.”

A representative of Schillings who represented Michael Essien said: “There has been a lot of inaccurate reporting concerning Michael and he was not prepared to allow this misreporting to continue.”

Schillings also said that, “these allegations were not put to Michael or his representatives prior to publication and had the People done so they would have been informed of their utter falsity.”

Caroline McAteer of The Sports PR Company said on behalf of Michael Essien: “Michael is delighted to have won his case and to have set the record straight. He would have preferred not to take action, but had no alternative in this case. Michael is pleased that this matter has now been resolved.”

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Mayor Slay In Bed With Big Law Firm

Mayor Slay In Bed With Big Law Firm. Missouri Tax Payers To Be Taken To Cleaners By Lewis Rice & Fingersh.

Another disgrace is taking place with your tax dollars. The City of St.Louis has unanimously approved a $300,000.00 loan that is forgivable and does not need to be re-paid so that the millionaire attorneys from a 200 person St.Louis law firm of Lewis Rice and Fingersh can buy new fancy desks for themselves in a move to new offices. See St.Louis Business Journal Article dated Friday, October 16th, 2009. The City through its St.Louis Development Corp. decided it must have too much money, federal money that is, and decided to spread the wealth, but the wrong way. It is not giving to the poor, the needy, the hungry, but to rich attorneys to help them move. Now the City of St.Louis on behalf of Lewis, Rice and Fingersh (Lewis & Rice) wants to petition to Missouri Development Finance Board, a State agency, to approve over $5 million of tax payer money to help the law firm move to fancy new offices at One City Center and you the tax payer will be paying for that.

This is absurd injustice at its greatest. This is insulting to the tax payers of the City of St.Louis and all the residents of the Great State of Missouri and to all tax payers throughout the country. Media should take note of this and help stop this abuse. Lewis Rice & Fingersh has donated thousands of dollars to city and State officials and now its pay back time with your tax dollars. County Executive Charley Dooley received a $10,000.00 political contribution this year. The City of St.Louis Mayor received a $5,000.00 this year alone in contributions as well. There is a conflict here. Its politics the old fashioned way, the corrupt way.

How can you get in on some of these favors with Mayor Slay, well, give him a $10,000.00 political contribution (is that what its called) and he will give you back $300,000.00 and ask the State for $5 million, thats how. You scratch Mayor Slay’s back and he will more then scratch your back. So what else did the chairman of Lewis Rice & Fingersh Jack Pruellage have to say or do for the Mayor to get such special treatment. Mr. Jack Pruellage who takes home a seven figure income needs tax payers to buy him new furniture for his new offices and he prefers the tax payers pay for his fancy new furniture and for his move. Why should he pay for it when he has Mayor Slay for a friend.

Think of all the homeless, the hungry and the needy there are out there. Think of how many blankets and bologna sandwiches can be bought with that money. But Mayor Slay found a better home for it, in the pockets of Lewis Rice & Fingersh attorneys and Jack Pruellage, its chairman. The Missouri Development Finance Board meeting to hear the proposal to provide $5 million to One City Center building so that the law firm can move and have fancy new offices, will be held at 8:30 AM, Tuesday October 20th at the Rennaissance Grand Suites at 827 Washington Ave., Lennox Room, St.Louis, MO.

Action must be taken to stop abuse and waste of tax payers dollars to enrich millionaire attorneys at your tax payers expense. The partners at Lewis and Rice make $400,000 to $600,000 per year and the chairman Jack Pruellage makes millions per year and Missouri tax payers will help him get richer. No wonder they say its a “Great Country America”. Sure is, but great for who ? Officials on the take with public money, thats for who. Politics Chicago style no doubt, right here in Missouri.

Call Governor Jay Nixon to voice your objection at 573-751-3222 and your local State Representative’s office. You should also call the Missouri Development Finance Board at 573-751-8479 to complain about the proposal and tell them not to do it. Call the Mayor Francis Slay at 314-622-3201 and make him aware that receiving political contributions and then using tax payers money to buy furniture for Lewis Rice & Fingersh is plain wrong.

Submitted by Citizens Against Waste, a non for profit organization aiming at stopping waste and abuse of tax payers money. Phones 314-226-2808 or 314-226-2146.

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Leading Libel And Defamation Law Firm, Russell Jones & Walker, Has Won A Libel Victory Against Publishers Random House

Leading libel and defamation law firm, Russell Jones & Walker, has won a libel victory (Case number: 606990.1) against publishers Random House on behalf of internationally renowned wine connoisseur Michael Broadbent, who was from 1966 until 1992 the head of Christie’s wine department.

The libel action centred on the book The Billionaire’s Vinegar, the subject of which was the provenance of a number of bottles of wine said to have been owned by Thomas Jefferson. The book made allegations which suggested that Mr Broadbent had behaved in an unprofessional manner in the way in which he had auctioned some of these bottles and that his relationship and dealings with Hardy Rodenstock, who discovered the original collection, was suspected of being improper.

In a statement read out in open court, Random House apologised unreservedly for making the allegations and accepted that they were untrue. It has given an undertaking not to repeat the allegations and paid Mr Broadbent undisclosed damages.

Commenting on the settlement Sarah Webb, head of Russell Jones & Walker’s Defamation department who acted for Mr Broadbent said:

“The Billionaire’s Vinegar made highly damaging claims about my client that seriously compromised both his professional and personal reputation. We are delighted that Random House has today accepted that these allegations are totally without foundation and avoided the need to proceed to a full trial. My client is relieved that the good name he has built up over many years as one of the country’s leading wine experts has been fully restored.”

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Shillings Win Apology And Damages For Olivier Martinez From The Sun

Olivier Martinez, represented by London law firm Schillings and Paris law firm Asmar & Assayag has won his libel action against The Sun, at the High Court in London, following the publication of false allegations that Mr. Martinez cheated on Kylie Minogue during their relationship. (Case number: HQ08X02862)

On 26 November 2007, The Sun published an article under the headline “Kylie ‘still loves’ ex Martinez” which contained the defamatory and untrue allegation that Mr Martinez had cheated on Kylie Minogue. In order to vindicate his reputation Mr. Martinez issued libel proceedings against News Group Newspapers Limited in relation to the article.

A representative of Schillings said that: “This false allegation has caused Mr. Martinez considerable embarrassment and distress.”

They also said that: “Mr. Martinez is glad that The Sun has accepted that the allegations are false and that the article should never have been published at all”.

In the High Court in London The Sun newspaper apologised to Mr. Martinez, agreed to publish an apology in the newspaper and to pay damages and legal costs.

The Sun’s lawyer said: “The Defendant sincerely apologises to the Claimant for the distress and embarrassment this article has caused. It accepts that the allegations are untrue and ought never to have been published.”

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Schillings Will Be Taking Part In A Panel Discussion At The 2009 Reputation Conference

Schillings, the leading law firm protecting individual and corporate reputations, will be taking part in a panel discussion, chaired by Dr Kevin Money Associate Professor and Director of the John Madejski Centre for Reputation, at the 2009 Reputation Conference.

Keith Schilling is Senior Partner and Co-Founder of Schillings and is a Solicitor-Advocate. He is one of the most sought after reputation management lawyers in Britain due to his work in defamation and privacy and in 2008 he was placed 10th in the Times list of the 100 most powerful and influential lawyers in England for his work in achieving a number of landmark decisions in privacy law. He has helped to protect the reputations of film, sports and entertainment stars as well as international corporations and business executives.

Keith Schilling, joins a panel of experts in protecting reputations to answer the question ‘Future avenues for building reputation. Where do we go from here?’ The panel will close the conference with a review of the learnings from the day and discuss how organisations should prepare themselves for the future challenges in managing reputations and corporate responsibility.

As a new decade approaches, the conference will examine the challenges of managing reputation and relationships in times of organisational change and will consider the lessons learnt from recent corporate scandals in the management of reputation.

About Schillings:
Schillings is one of Britain’s top law firms dedicated to safeguarding the reputations of international corporations, brands, celebrities and high-profile business people. The firm’s track-record in defamationprivacy law and copyright cases, as well as commercial litigation is second to none.

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Schillings Client Jacob Zuma, The President Of South Africa, Has Won Very Substantial Damages After A Libel Case Against The Guardian Newspaper Following False Allegations Printed Earlier This Year

On 6 March 2009, the Manchester based newspaper published an article that falsely claimed that President Zuma was guilty of rape, corruption and bribery. President Zuma began legal action against the daily newspaper earlier this year claiming defamation, saying the article was grossly false and indefensible.

schillings - Jacob Zuma

After being taken to court, the Guardian has apologised to the ANC leader and agreed to pay very substantial damages as well as cover legal costs.

In a statement read in the High Court on 30 July 2009, Schillings solicitor Jenny Afia described the allegations as being “of the utmost seriousness and totally untrue”. She went on to explain that: “In light of the facts that the [Guardian] is now willing to pay very substantial damages and it has publicly apologised to [President Zuma], [President Zuma] considers that his reputation in this matter has been entirely vindicated and he is prepared not to proceed any further in his action against the [Guardian].”

Speaking from Mahlambandlovu last night, the president’s official residence in Pretoria, President Zuma said: “What was said was extremely serious, not just for me but for the ANC. I am very pleased that the Guardian has now apologised. I firmly believe in press freedom and freedom of expression. I have fought for these and other basic rights my whole life and I will continue to support this. We had to take action in this matter because the publication crossed the line. Media around the world are obliged to exercise their freedom of speech in a responsible manner.”

About Schillings:
Schillings is one of Britain’s top law firms dedicated to reputation management and the safeguarding of international corporations, brands, celebrities and high-profile business people. The firm’s track-record in media management, privacy law and copyright cases, as well as commercial dispute resolution and sports law is second to none.

Defamation, privacy and copyright are at the heart of the firm’s work, prompting The Independent newspaper to call Schillings a “spectacularly efficient media law firm”.

Schillings clients include supermodel Naomi Campbell, actress Kate Winslet, seven times Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong, premiership footballer Wayne Rooney, Harry Potter author JK Rowling, pharmaceuticals maker GlaxoSmithKline, steel maker Arcelor Mittal, the Harrods Group and the London Stock Exchange.

Court case number: HQ09X01290

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