Schillings Support The Cancer Research Charity As They Take Part In The Annual Fundraising Event In The Mothers And Daughters Ultimate Challenge

Schillings, the UK’s leading law firm dedicated to safeguarding the reputations of international corporations, brands, celebrities and high-profile business people is set to join other corporate teams as they take part in the Mothers and Daughters Ultimate Challenge, all day fun-packed ‘It’s a Knockout’ style event in aid of the Cancer Research UK charity.

This will be the 10th consecutive year of the Ultimate Challenge and it will be the first time Schillings has entered a team, taking some time off from the world of reputation management to battle against several other teams in the Corporate Challenge, which promises to be a series of outlandish games and exciting challenges.

Schillings fundraising attempts in the run up to the charity day fuels the hopes that their involvement will help surpass the success of last year’s Ultimate Challenge event, which raised a tremendous £165,000 for Cancer Research. The money was donated to the research of Professor Richard Begent of the Cancer Research UK Targeting and Imaging group at the Royal Free and University College Medical School.

The 2008 Mothers and Daughters Cancer Research Ultimate Challenge featuring the team from Schillings is scheduled to take place on Sunday 7 September in the scenic grounds of Haberdashers Boys Askes Boys School, in Elstree, Hertfordshire. The games themselves will be run by a professional events company to help raise money for Cancer Research UK, and will include several huge wet and dry inflatables which always make these events so much fun for participants and spectators alike.

The Mothers & Daughters committee was founded in 1999 by a group of concerned women whose aim was to ensure a better future for their children and future generations through research into cures for cancer. Each year they choose a different Cancer Research UK project to support and eight years on they have raised a total of over a million pounds.

About Schillings:
Schillings is one of Britain’s top law firms dedicated to safeguarding the reputations of international corporations, brands, celebrities and high-profile business people. The firm’s track-record in defamation, privacy and copyright cases is second to none.

Defamation, privacy and copyright are at the heart of the firm’s work, prompting The Independent newspaper to call Schillings a “spectacularly efficient media law firm.”

The firm uses the law to protect the reputations, privacy and confidentiality of clients by helping them and their PR advisers to manage what is published and broadcast about them. It is their ability to adapt to the threats posed by the ever changing media landscape which keeps them at the forefront of this specialist area.

Schillings clients include supermodel Naomi Campbell, actress Nicole Kidman, seven times Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong, Harry Potter author JK Rowling, pharmaceuticals maker GlaxoSmithKline, leading investment bank Kaupthing, steel maker Arcelor Mittal, the Harrods Group and the London Stock Exchange.

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Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP Has Reported The Recovery Of £405,750 Settlement In Erbs Palsy Case

Law firm, Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP, has reported the recovery of £405,750 to a nine-year-old girl, who was injured in 1998 whilst under the care of the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust; the highest reported settlement in an Erb’s Palsy case of its type.

The claimant was injured during birth as her head was delivered but there were difficulties in delivering the shoulders, known as shoulder dystocia. Field Fisher Waterhouse acted for the claimant in the case that the antenatal care was negligently managed, and there was a failure to deliver by caesarean section. There were further negligent acts and omissions in the obstetric management, including inter alia – the application of strong traction to her head.

As a consequence, she suffered a severe traumatic injury to the nerves supplying her right arm, causing paralysis. She underwent four extensive surgeries to attempt to improve function in her arm in the first seven years of her life. Despite this the claimant has been left with a permanent disability and the right limb remains for all practical purposes, functionless.

The claimant’s mother brought the clinical negligence case against the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust. Samantha Critchley, a solicitor in the Personal Injury and Medical Negligence Group at Field Fisher Waterhouse, acted for the claimant.

The hospital accepted that there were elements of the management of the labour, which were not appropriate and admitted negligence in the claimant’s care and invited proposals for settlement. After a lengthy negotiation the amount of settlement was agreed, in principle, between the parties.

At an Infant Settlement Hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice on 28 July, the terms of settlement were approved. In addition to the substantial damages recovered by Field Fisher Waterhouse for the claimant, the hospital was also ordered to pay the claimant’s legal costs.

The claimant’s parents said: “We now know that our daughter will have enough money to help her get through the rest of her life. We would encourage any parent to be very patient in a case like this and not to jump at the first offer they are given.”

Samantha Critchley said: “I am delighted to achieve such a significant award on the claimant’s behalf. She is a delightful and brave little girl who will be affected by her disability for the rest of her life. I hope that the compensation will allow her to obtain the necessary support, now and in the future, to ensure she reaches her full potential in life.”

The claimant was represented by Henry Witcomb of 1 Crown Office Row.

About Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP:
Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP is a full-service European law firm with offices in Brussels, Hamburg and London. With 119 partners, over 200 other lawyers and nearly 300 support staff, we assist a wide range of international clients, advising across a full range of legal issues.

The main areas of practice are corporate and commercial, IP and technology, banking and finance, regulatory and real estate. Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP also have particular expertise in competition & EU law, dispute resolution, employment, personal injury and clinical negligence, public sector and tax.

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Field Fisher Waterhouse recovers substantial compensation against Barts & the London NHS Trust on behalf of brain-damaged youth

Law firm, Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP has recovered a substantial sum in compensation on behalf of Matthew Ellerbeck, who sustained serious brain damage after contracting herpes at the age of six.

In 1997, Matthew suffered a prolonged convulsion, and was taken in an ambulance to the A&E department of the Royal London Hospital. Herpes Simplex Encephalitis (HSE) should have been suspected, and aciclovir (an antiviral drug) should have been administered immediately. However the drug was not given to Matthew until over 30 hours later.

As a result of this delay, Matthew sustained serious brain damage. He is now 17, and as a result of the brain damage he suffers daily epileptic attacks and severe learning difficulties, as well as serious attention and behavioural problems.

Matthew’s mother, Susan Culling, brought the case against Barts & the London NHS Trust on his behalf in the High Court. Richard Earle, a lawyer in the Personal Injury and Medical Negligence Group at Field Fisher Waterhouse, conducted Matthew’s case to settlement.

The hospital accepted the delay in treating the HSE was negligent, but it argued that most of the damage and subsequent consequences to Matthew would have occurred anyway.

The case had gone on for nine years, in which time a number of concessions were made by the hospital, when a settlement was agreed two months before the case was due to go to trial.

Following this long legal battle, Field Fisher Waterhouse recovered substantial damages. This includes provision for periodical (annual) payments to be made for the rest of Matthew’s life to cover his care and accommodation needs.

Susan Culling said: “I was determined to press on and seek justice for Matthew. I am very pleased at the level of compensation which will make a huge difference to Matthew’s life.”

Richard Earle said: “I am absolutely delighted that substantial damages have been recovered on Matthew’s behalf, in what was an extremely complex case on the medical evidence where both Matthew’s lawyers and medical team had worked extremely hard to overcome the Defendant’s arguments on causation. This will improve the quality of Matthew’s life and provide protection for the future.”

Matthew was represented by James Badenoch QC and Dennis Matthews of Counsel.

About Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP:
Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP is a full-service European law firm with offices in Brussels, Hamburg and London. With 119 partners, over 200 other lawyers and nearly 300 support staff, we assist a wide range of international clients, advising across a full range of legal issues.

The main areas of practice are corporate and commercial, IP and technology, banking and finance, regulatory and real estate. Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP also have particular expertise in competition & EU law, dispute resolution, employment, personal injury and clinical negligence, public sector and tax.

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Warren S. Reid – founder of WSR Consulting Group – 20 Years of Pioneering and Leadership As Computer Expert Witnesses in Software Failure Projects and IP Infringement Litigation

Warren S. Reid founded WSR Consulting Group, LLC (WSRcg) in 1988, and since then the firm has grown to 15 expert witnesses, including ex-Big-6 Consulting Firm partners and managers, CIO’s and an IT lawyer. WSRcg team members have served as experts and expert witnesses in computer, software and Internet disputes and turnaround projects, large system/software project failure litigation, and software intellectual property (IP) litigation. They have been recognized and accepted as IT expert witnesses in U.S. arbitration hearings, state and federal courts, the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, and in Canada, Asia and Europe.

Our prime areas of expertise and main services are acting as consultants in IT Project Turnaround situations, and acting as testifying expert witnesses in the following arenas: computer system failure; software project failure; ERP implementation project/systems failure; internet systems and website failures; software intellectual property disputes; and high-technology valuation situations.

WSR Consulting Group, LLC experts have testified as expert witnesses where their engagement counsel represented: President William Clinton, Her Royal Majesty the Queen of England In right of Canada; Fortune 500 companies; the Malaysian Stock Exchange; renowned hospitals; worldwide restaurant chains and big box retailers; Big 4 consulting firms; ERP customers, vendors and system integrators.

Warren S. Reid, founder and Managing Director of WSR Consulting Group, in his previous career as a management and computer technology consultant and partner/manager at two of the world’s largest consulting firms, was a principal author of one of the first large-scale Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodologies, which evolved into “Method/1” and which is still used internationally by some of the world’s largest companies. He was also one of a small team of consultants that helped to create and launch the Federal Energy Office for President Jimmy Carter in just 75 days, and managed and oversaw the testing and acceptance of California’s Lotto Lottery games in just 100 days.

As quoted by Ed Yourdon, CEO, NODRUOY Inc., February 21, 2007 on Linkedin: “Warren is one of the sharpest and most insightful of all the computer experts and management consultants I’ve known. He’s got a broad range of experience, and doesn’t pull any punches when he advises clients and senior executives how to get themselves out of the technical problems they’ve gotten into, and how to achieve competitive advantage in today’s fast-moving global environment.”

The scope of the systems that Warren S. Reid and/or WSR Consulting Group, LLC systems experts have built and/or testified about cross multiple platforms and industries. WSRcg’s industry specialties include: manufacturing and distribution; health care systems/HIPAA; retail & restaurant service; e-business and web 2.0; gaming and ticketing; automotive; government, military and law enforcement; higher-education; financial services; and software and high-technology.

Speaking about Warren S. Reid’s work as an expert witness, Richard Bernacchi, Esq., one of the pioneers of the computer law industry in the U.S. had this comment: “Extremely thorough and organized, very articulate, and has a very credible courtroom presence”.

Michael D. Scott, Esquire, Law Professor, and author of more than seven books on technology and the law comments: “I have had the pleasure of working with Warren on two major system failure cases. He leaves no stone unturned in getting to the truth of what happened (and more importantly, what should have happened but didn’t). His small but specialized team does better, faster and more thorough work than even the largest consulting firms.”

WSRcg’s IT configuration and platform expertise includes: internet, social and web-based systems; legacy mainframes; 3-tiered host-client-server architectures; mobile and networked PCs and devices; multi-state, multi-level point-of-sale (POS) systems; robotic manufacturing, warehouse and distribution facilities; Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems including SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, JDEdwards, Retek, Cerner, IBM, and Microsoft ERP systems; software testing, project management and SDLC tools.

Warren Reid is the author of approximately 100 published business articles (many in peer-reviewed journals), and is quoted in numerous books, newspapers and magazines. He is the co-author with Michael D. Scott, Esquire, of a best-selling book: “The Year 2000 Computer Crisis: Law, Business and Technology”. He has been a keynote speaker and/or featured presenter at many prestigious international summits, congresses and conferences.

WSR Consulting Group, LLC’s Blog 

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An update by Russell Jones & Walker on severe skin reactions caused by leather sofas sold by several leading high street retailers

Following a recent BBC Watchdog expose of severe skin reactions caused by leather sofas sold by several leading high street retailers, Russell Jones & Walker announces update.

Back in February, the BBC’s Watchdog programme exposed a story about leather sofas, sold by a number of leading high street retailers, which had caused severe skin reactions in some people. The Chinese manufactured sofas, the majority of which were purchased from Land of Leather, Argos and Walmsleys, were thought to contain a chemical which was causing extreme allergic reactions in some people, including rashes and blistering that resulted in hospitalisation for some.

Watchdog reported on 12 May 2008 that, in conjunction with Russell Jones & Walker (RJW), it has since discovered that the cause of these ‘sofa burns’ is Di-methyl Fumarate (DMF), a chemical known to cause skin irritation. This fungicide is contained within a sachet which is placed inside the sofas in order to protect against mould during storage, transit and everyday usage. Argos’ independent investigations have also now confirmed these results.

A team of Solicitors led by Richard Langton and Christian Shotton of RJW is currently representing injury claims on behalf of more than 500 people who have suffered due to the affected sofas, and this number is continuing to grow. Around 1000 individuals are now launching a group action in the high court to sue the retailers who sold the sofas for damages.

The majority of the sofas have now been recalled, but a list of known affected sofa batch numbers has been compiled on the RJW Solicitors site in order to enable worried consumers to check whether their sofa might be one of those affected.

In light of the ongoing problem, RJW Solicitors has also advised that anyone who has experienced similar skin problems, even if their sofa’s batch number does not appear in the list, should still contact the retailer where they originally purchased the sofa from.

About Russell Jones & Walker
Russell Jones & Walker is a leading national firm of solicitors dedicated to upholding the legal rights of individuals. From the firms foundation in the 1920s the focus has and continues to be, people and those who represent them.

The firm has grown from its trade union roots into a respected national organisation with nine offices across England and Wales, and an associated office in Scotland.

The reputation of Russell Jones & Walker is built on the range of expertise offered by its partners and staff and on the scope of their practical experience.

RJW Solicitors represents clients across a range of areas from personal injury work to commercial and criminal litigation; from employment to defamation and reputation management; and from clinical negligence to family law.

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Information Portal on Alabama Bankruptcy Protection

Dionne & Dionne Law today announced an expanded service area to include Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, and all surrounding areas. The firm also has expanded its recently launched information portal, The portal serves as a comprehensive source for Birmingham area consumers to find information about bankruptcy solutions and bankruptcy protection. It also offers consumers a way to speak directly with an attorney at the firm to discuss their case without obligation.

As previously announced, the portal includes bankruptcy FAQs on Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Consumers can also download a free financial analysis form to use in determining the need for bankruptcy.

The web site will be an invaluable resource to Birmingham consumers in finding accessible information to address their bankruptcy questions and gain access to Birmingham bankruptcy lawyers for one-on-one advice.

Melinda Dionne of Dionne & Dionne stated, “By expanding into the Birmingham area we’re able to help more Alabama consumers who are in financial distress. Our goal is to put our nearly 40 years of combined experience to work for them. We specifically designed the resources at to be simple, concise and to offer every consumer something of value.”

About Dionne & Dionne Law – Dionne & Dionne Law was founded in 1996 by husband/wife team Don and Melinda Dionne. Don and Melinda tout nearly 40 years of combined experience serving and advising consumers. The firm specializes in bankruptcy, family law, and estate planning services. The firm has offices in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

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Legal information portal launched by Knoxville DUI Lawyer

Knoxville DUI Lawyer launches information portal to assist East Tennessee residents with DUI (driving under the influence) and DWI (driving while intoxicated) legal matters. Portal is designed to answer consumer questions and offer assistance to citizens charged with a DUI or DWI in East Tennessee location such as Knox County and surrounding areas.

McKellar Roskind, LLP today announced the launch of as an information portal for Knoxville and East Tennessee consumers to find information about DUI defense solutions. With content and articles being added regularly on the DUI court process, the website is anticipated to quickly become Tennessee’s primary resource for DUI information.

Featured information includes defense tactics for drunk driving charges as well as other criminal allegations and asset forfeiture. Additionally, as a public service, the firm provides consultations at no charge to citizens in need of a Knoxville DUI lawyer.

The web site will be an invaluable resource for consumers in finding accessible information to address their DUI questions. Information will be efficiently categorized for easy navigation.

Norman McKellar of McKellar Roskind, LLP stated, “Our goal is to be the best consumer resource center and information portal for assisting people in need of a Knoxville DUI attorney. Our goal is to help consumers with their DUI needs. The depth of knowledge and resources at our site is simple, concise and offers every consumer something of value.”

About McKellar Roskind, LLP – The firm was founded by attorneys Norman McKellar and Andrew Roskind. McKellar Roskind, LLP serves clients throughout East Tennessee in the areas of criminal defense, tax defense, and family law. The firm is located in Knoxville, Tennessee.


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Welcome to EPR Law News

EPR Law News is a new blog, part of EPR Network, that is going to be focused on and will be covering the law news and stories from press releases published on EPR Network.

EPR Network (EPR stands for express press release) is one of the nation’s largest press release distribution networks on Web. The EPR’s nationwide network includes 12 State based PR sites, one major PR forum and a number of industry specific PR blogs and what started as a hobby on Internet years ago turned out to be a rapidly growing business today. EPR Network is also known as one of the most trusted (human optimized, published, edited and monitored, spam/scam/low quality PR content free) PR sites on the web with more than 10,000 company and individual press releases distributed per month. EPR Network is putting your press releases on top of all major search engines’ results and is reaching thousands of individuals, companies, PR specialists, media professionals, bloggers and journalists every day.

EPR Network has thousands of clients around the world including global 500 corporations like Hilton Hotels, Barclays Bank, AXA Insurance, Tesco UK, eBay/Skype, Emirates, just to name a few. The network’s PR web sites are currently reaching from 150,000 to sometimes 500,000 unique visitors per month while our viral reach could possibly go to as much as 1M people per month through our presence across various social media sites. EPR Network was established in 2004 and as of May 2008 it had more than 800,000 press releases (pages) published on its network.

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