Legal Help At Your Fingertips, Jim Adler, Texas Personal Injury Lawyer Launches New Mobile Website

Houston personal injury lawyer, Jim Adler, a pioneer in legal advertising on TV, has moved into the hottest field for staying in touch with a public whose love for mobile devices is growing by leaps and bounds. According to Bango, in the last year alone, the Smartphone market has driven an amazing 600% increase in traffic to mobile websites. Adler’s new site is in line with his business model: convenience for clients.

“I want victims to get the best representation they can as fast as they can get it. That’s been my mission since I started my legal practice more than 30 years ago,” says Adler, known around the state as “The Texas Hammer” for his unrelenting representation of victims who come to him for assistance.

Convenience is the number one reason the mobile market is so hot. According to Website Magazine, Seventy-one percent of 50,000 European and US mobile users surveyed by the Nielsen Company “anticipate they will use the mobile Web daily over the next two years.” The survey included phone users in the United States, the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. It concluded that “in the US alone, 52 percent” of those surveyed indicated their use of mobile websites would increase “by an average of 41.2 percent.”

Adler’s mobile website gives clients an immediate advantage. Keeping up with technology on their behalf, syncs with this lawyer’s lifelong mission to cut through red tape for victims.

“Creating a mobile website helps me put the law where I think it belongs – in people’s hands the minute they need it,” the veteran attorney says. “I’ve always worked that way. When somebody contacts my offices, they get an immediate response. Clients don’t sit around and wonder how their case is going. I’ve got phone banks, investigators, case managers and lots of other staffers to keep them informed. And now,” he says, triumphantly, I’ve got the mobile web.”

At the scene of an accident, the site works like an On Star device, putting immediate legal advice in victims’ hands when their legal rights could be in jeopardy. It can speed up settlements. Lawyers get much of the initial information they to start representing clients when they follow the site’s advice after a wreck. The Driving Buddy feature on the site has a step-by-step list of things to do after an accident and advice on what to be on guard against.

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AAA Attorney Referral Service Announces Nationwide Expansion As AAA Attorney Network Nationwide With Four New Programs

AAA Attorney Referral service Florida and Georgia’s oldest bonafide lawyer referral service is taking their concept nationwide. According to Lisa Spitzer, the owner, “Attorneys practices are hurting due to increased competition and the current economic environment.

Many are having trouble staying float” There is a need for an all inclusive and varied approach” The lawyer practice perfect program is the beginning of the process. Lawyers are taught how to manage their practices in order to compete.They have been watching practices succeed and fail since 1996. They have been listening to referral service callers and what they say about law offices. They have listened to secretaries, receptionists, and fancy office answering systems. We know who succeeds, who fails, and why. Now they are ready to impart our knowledge to law firms. They claim they can:

* Increase Referrals
* Retain More Clients
* Improve Your Bottom Line
* Book More Appointments
* Have Less No Shows
* Compete and Survive in This Economy

Once the practice completes this overhaul there are numerous choices for increasing clients. They have three new websites., and each oriented to a specific legal need. There is a unique web optimization program that a law firm can utilize without even having a website. This uses 411 keywords, web directories and web classifieds, articles and pres leases. Each program is specifically designed to meed the individual states rules regarding lawyer referral service,internet referral services, directories, and legal information services. This is the only all inclusive system of its kind If you are in Florida, Georgia, Texas, New York, New Jersey or a variety of other states you can increase your client base. This program works for Personal injury attorneys, workers compensation attorneys, criminal defense, DUI defense, Admiralty and even tort claims. It can be as specific as Attorneys for Truckers. The best part is ” we can teach attorneys and attorneys staff how to hit the hot button of the caller needing legal help, this gives the competitive edge” says Spitzer.

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Co-operative Legal Services Extends Its Personal Injury Claims Service

The Co-operative Legal Services (CLS) has announced that it is extending its range of personal injury claims services.

Already a specialist in claims arising from road traffic accident claims, CLS is now promoting its services in England and Wales for claims in connection with:
• Accidents at work
• Trips and slips
• Industrial disease claims
• Medical negligence claims
• Sports Injury claims

Eddie Ryan, managing director of CLS said: “It has been our ambition since we launched CLS in 2006 to offer a broader range of Personal Injury Claims services to our membership and the general public.

“We believe that The Co-operative’s values of openness, honesty, social responsibility and caring for others places us in a unique position to provide a different claims service, which is focussed on the customer and their recovery and not just their claim.”

CLS already offers a wide range of free injury claim advice, as well as Will writing services, Conveyancing and Probate and Estate Administration services to The Co-operative members and the general public.

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