Anthony Citrolo Elected Executive Vice President & Director of The Long Island Chapter Of The Accountant/Attorney Networking Group Inc. (AANG)

It has been announced today that, Anthony Citrolo, CPA, CVA, CMAA, CBI has been elected as the 2012 Executive Vice President and Director of the Long Island Chapter of the Accountant/Attorneys Networking Group Inc. (AANG)

The Accountant/Attorney Networking Group is comprised solely of practicing accountants and practicing attorneys who service multiple clients. The purpose of the group is to facilitate networking between and among attorneys and accountants – two professions that have enormous synergy and potential for cross referrals. AANG offers 12 monthly networking breakfast meetings exclusively for accountants and attorneys. AANG also hosts two major networking cocktail receptions open to all professionals. The organizations’ web site is

According to Mr. Citrolo a Managing Partner of M&A firm NYBB/Reliance Strategies, “the AANG creates a great platform for Accountants and Attorneys to meet and share information and ideas that can be used to bring cutting edge financial and legal solution to business owners or entrepreneurs engaged in a business sale or acquisition. Further Mr. Citrolo adds, “since Accountants and Attorneys are key players of the deal team that representbusiness buyers and sellers, the coordination of their efforts can result in lowering the fees incurred in the transaction and giving the deal the best chance of being consummated.”

About NYBB/Reliance

NYBB/Reliance Strategies is a full-service Merger & Acquisition firm in Melville, New York assisting companies with up to $50M in revenue to develop an exit strategy or make a targeted acquisition. In addition to M&A and consulting services, NYBB/Reliance offers valuation services in determining both Business and Transaction Values. Anthony can be reached at 631.390.9650 or

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Getting the Best Lawyer For Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreement is a complex legal matter that covers up a multitude of concerns. It can cover spousal rights in divorce or death, state and federal taxes, corporate planning, residences, and in many cases child rearing. Finding the right prenuptial agreements lawyer in Atlanta, therefore, is crucial if you want everything set straight and in place.

Here are some tips that you can use in finding the right lawyer for your prenup attorney to suit your specific marital circumstances.

Choose a Licensed Prenuptial Agreements Lawyer

Since your prenup agreement will be enforced in Atlanta , choose a prenup attorney that is licensed to practice his profession in Georgia . This is important because a prenuptial agreement specifies the state where the prenuptial agreement will take effect. Each state has its own provisions when it comes to implementing and enforcing prenups.

Choose a Lawyer With Experience In Negotiating And Drafting Prenups

The Uniform Marital Agreement Act is a complex law which will overwhelm an inexperience prenuptial agreements lawyer in Atlanta . He might draft provisions in your prenup that will render the agreement invalid in the future. If the lawyer is new, be sure that the law firm he is working for provides the assistance of an experienced lawyer.

Choose a Lawyer That Will Offer An Upfront Price Quote

Before they go out looking for a prenup attoryney, a couple must first decide how much they are willing to spend for a prenup agreement. Legal fees can be quite expensive. A couple must set a budget and stick to it. You must discuss fees and other costs with the lawyer before deciding to hire his services, or you might find yourself backing out in the middle of the procedure. You can always negotiate with the lawyer, especially if he is into private practice. But always remember that experienced lawyer are always more expensive than newbies.

Choose a Lawyer Who Doesn’t Promise the Impossible

Don’t believe it when a prenuptial lawyer tells you with certainty that your prenup deal will get enforced by the court. The courts will evaluate prenups according to their fairness and reasonableness. These are things that a practical prenuptial lawyer cannot promise a one hundred percent certainty. All things said, an experienced prenuptial agreements lawyer in Atlanta knows the factors that a court considers in the evaluation of a prenup agreement and will give you a fair assessment of its chances of getting the court’s approval.

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Whatever the Legal Battle, Pentlarge Lawyers Want Alaskans to Know they’re on Your Side

Injuries are one of life’s sad realities. However, Alaskans should not fear as their cases are in very good hands, thanks to the existence of the Pentlarge Law Group.

Run out of Anchorage, the Pentlarge Law Group are a skilled team of personal injury attorney anchorage who place a special focus on helping those Alaskans who have suffered an injury.

Their clients come from many situations and backgrounds, including those accused of a DUI, truck accidents, car accidents in Alaska, insured motorists and the high costs of personal injury medical bills.

“We are constantly focused on getting our clients the best results for all injury cases. We have helped thousands of Alaskans and their families get through personal injury” say the attorney Alaska at Pentlarge Law Group.

The group offer a free initial consultation, within which they will carefully examine the specific details and situations of each personal injury, and give honest advice about their ability to fight on the side of the victims, and get them the money and closure that they deserve.

So far the law firm has helped thousands of individuals, couples and families find a safe and successful conclusion to even the most complicated of personal injury cases, and they stand by to help others today.

“It all starts with just one phone call. From this we can examine your case and get going in the best direction to ensure that both you and we obtain the best possible outcome” they say.

To find out more information about the Pentlarge Law Group, to schedule a free consultation with them and get your personal injury case closed for good, please visit their website:

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Paskvan & Ringstad – Two Personal Injury Lawyers Who Won’t Charge Unless You Win

With many personal injury lawyers taking their client’s bank account for a run, Fairbanks-based Paskvan & Ringstad stand by their core value – they won’t charge a client unless the case is won.

Acting as the region’s leading injury attorney fairbanks ak– the partners bring their wealth of knowledge and experience to the benefit of their clients.

“We want all Alaskans to be confident that we are equipped with both the skills and experience to tackle any claim of personal injury” says attorney Joseph L Paskvan.

His partner, Kenneth Ringstad, echoes the testament:

“We are 100% client-focussed, and have worked solidly to establish our firm as the premium answer for the need for attorney fairbanks ak” he explains.

The firm’s website also goes a long way to help those looking for a personal injury lawyer in the area – showcasing a number of videos about the firm and their work, as well as offering options for a free case assessment.

These resources have won the firm many clients, in cases ranging from claims arising from A Wrongful Death Situation, An Automobile Accident /Collision, Insurance Disputes, Unsafe Conditions, Road Defects, Construction Injuries or Accidents and Defective Products.

To find out more about the firm, to take advantage of their useful resources or to get a free case assessment today, please visit:

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How a Divorce Lawyer In Atlanta Can Help In Getting Child Custody

The family is the smallest unit of society. It is where love, education and values are flourished. That’s why divorce is the last thing that every family wants to experience. But if there’s irreconcilable difference or violence occurring between the couple, then it is the best option to ensure the welfare of each member, especially the children.

More often than not, divorce is a traumatizing experience for the couple and their children. Aside from the legal process of separation, there’s the battle for child custody. To have an advantage over the case, one must find a professional divorce lawyer in Altanta. Although it doesn’t give a 100% guarantee of winning custody, having an attorney with experience will puts you one step ahead in the case.

Two Areas Of Child Custody

Physical Custody. This area of custody refers to where the child lives. Physical custody can be granted to both parents where they can agree on the schedule to have equal sharing of time. Meanwhile, a sole physical custody can be granted to one parent where the other parent is granted with visitation rights.

Legal Custody. This area of custody can be granted jointly to both parents or to one parent only. Here, the legal custodian/s can make educational, medical, and religious decisions concerning about the child’s welfare.

By assisting you in making stable grounds for the case, the divorce lawyer in Atlantacan increase your chances in getting the best agreement doable for both parties.

Types Of Child Custody

The battle of child custody can land either on the following circumstances: (1) Sole Custody where only one person is granted for the child custody. (2) Joint Custody where both parents share the custody of the child even when they are already separated. They also have equal rights and responsibilities for their child. (3) Split Custody where each parent have custody for the respective children like the mother having custody of her son living with her and the father having custody of his daughter living with him. (4) Shared Custody where there’s an equal agreement for both parties to spend time with the child. A divorce lawyer in Atlanta explains each type of custody so his/her client knows what to expect when the judge’s verdict is released.

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Property Legal Helps Ensure Record Entries For Manchester Legal Awards 2012

Hale-based commercial and residential property law specialist Property Legal has helped to ensure a record number of entries for this year’s Manchester Legal Awards.

It is the first time that Property Legal has submitted an entry and there are strong hopes that the company will be selected to go through to the second round of the competition later this month. From its beginnings trading from the back office of an estate agency, the business has grown into an established and respected law firm with 18 members of staff in just over three years.

Managing partner Aashim Dhand said the speed with which the business has grown has been astonishing and that concentrating on a niche sector and providing a trusted and reliable service to clients has paid dividends.

He said: “We’re thrilled to have entered this year’s competition and everyone at Property Legal is crossing their fingers in the hope that we can progress in the Small Law Firm of the Year category. We have taken a keen interest in the Manchester Legal Awards over the past two years and are very excited to be taking part.

“The competition will no doubt be extremely strong once again from solicitors in Manchester, but hopefully the judges will be impressed by the growth Property Legal has enjoyed since being established just over three years ago. Setting up at the end of 2008 when the global recession really began to kick in was extremely tough, but hard work has seen the business prosper.”

Nominations for the awards have now closed and the competition judges are busy deciding which entries will make it through to the final shortlist. The companies that have been selected to proceed to the second round will be announced on December 22. Shortlisted firms will be interviewed in late January, ahead of the awards ceremony which is due to be held at Manchester’s Midland Hotel on March 1.

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Have A Safe & Healthy Workplace Over Christmas – What Employers Can Do Over The Festive Season

Although this is a traditional time of year for enjoyment and celebration, employers need to take extra care in dealing with hazards created by workplace related festivities.

Hazards that may arise include: –
+ fire caused by poor quality electrical items, e.g. festive lights on Christmas trees
+ falls from chairs or tables when decorating offices and trees
+ alcohol related incidents, e.g. violence, vehicle accidents.

By implementing some simple procedures, risk of harm or damage can be minimised, for example:
+ for work related parties, ensure that suitable arrangements are in place to control alcohol consumption and that employees have arranged safe means of transport for after the event
+ ensure that all portable electrical items brought onto the premises are inspected and tested, where relevant
+ turn electrical items off when not in use
+ follow manufacturer’s guidance for using electrical items
+ keep decorations away from hot surfaces e.g. light bulbs, heaters
+ use good working at height practices and suitable access equipment when putting up decorations, lights, etc.
+ ensure that celebrations do not affect the safety performance of employees undertaking their work activities.

Citation has found a common concern for employers at this time of year is around the company Christmas party. Many businesses organise a company Christmas party, however some employers are concerned about a small minority of employees who may behave inappropriately at such social events.

Lindsay Hill, Chief Executive of Citation plc says:
“In general, employees attending employer-organised Christmas parties are doing so ‘in the course of their employment’, so employers have some liability for their employees’ actions and welfare when they are attending these functions.

“Putting aside the obvious health & safety issues, the more boisterous the party, the more likely it is that things could go wrong; and the more you’ve done to help make it boisterous – a free bar, themed it ‘devils and tarts’, etc. – the more responsible you’re likely to be if it does go wrong.

“My number one advice is don’t have a free bar. Either mingle and try to buy each of your employees a drink, or arrange to have bar tickets – one ticket, one drink – and issue each employee with a couple of tickets. If you must theme the evening, don’t make the theme provocative – stick to ‘back to the 70s’, or ‘country and western’, etc. Think about designating some senior members of staff to be ‘alcohol free’, so that they can deal sensibly with any unacceptable behaviour.

“Employers also need to think about the steps they can take to help employees to get home safely, such as organising a coach or mini-bus, making sure that no-one will be walking home alone, or having a phone list of local taxis available.

“Finally, because employees are attending ‘in the course of their employment’, the employment laws concerning discrimination and harassment still apply, so there’s no harm in gently reminding employees that they too have responsibilities and that they are expected to comply with the company’s discrimination and harassment policies and to behave in an acceptable manner.”

Operating throughout the UK since 1995, Citation provides professional advice and compliance packages to business clients, mainly SMEs with between six and 200 employees.

Independently endorsed at the highest level, its market leading services provide guaranteed protection in the high risk areas of employment law and health and safety regulations.

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