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Texas and Houston Drunk Driving Car Accident Lawyers Help Fight Carnage Of DUI Deaths

This Labor Day weekend, millions of Americans will celebrate having an extra day of leisure. Sadly, many will celebrate too much. They will drink – too much – and then drive. And they’ll kill up to 300 other Americans, or as many as died on the three-day July 4 weekend. For families of such victims, the only solace may be pressing for damages via a drunk driving lawyer or car accident attorney.

America’s ongoing DUI carnage is why law enforcement officials nationwide, including the Texas Department of Public Safety, are gearing up for increased vigilance on roads and highways for the long Labor Day weekend. They know it’s inevitable that many will be killed by drunk drivers in that time, but hope that through checkpoints and other vigilance they can limit the loss.

How significant is America’s loss to drunk driving? In financial terms, it’s untold billions of dollars. But strictly in terms of human loss — and not counting the millions who suffer injury in drunk driving car accidents — the nation suffered 11,000 DUI car accident fatalities in 2008 alone.

Though annual drunk driving death totals have declined in recent years, 11,000 deaths is still a staggering tragedy. To place it in a broader historical perspective, since 1982 more than half a million Americans have died due to drunk drivers, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Those half a million DUI deaths since 1982 dwarf — by 150,000 — the number of Americans killed in every war since World War II. And all such deaths could have been prevented if people did not drink and drive.

After the fact of a drunk driving death or injury, victims or their families at least have a legal recourse. They can engage skilled, knowledgeable and experienced Texas drunk driving car accident lawyers or auto accident attorneys from Jim S. Adler & Associates, a Texas law firm with zero tolerance for drunk drivers and complete support for drunk driving accident victims.

Whether your drunk driving accident was in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin or anywhere else in Texas, a Texas drunk driving accident lawyer from Jim S. Adler & Associates stands ready to fight for justice and for your own financial compensation, led by Jim “the Texas Hammer” Adler, a personal injury attorney who’s fought for victims’ rights for more than three decades.

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