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Limassol District Court will investigate all the facts related to the attempt of the coal oligarch Dmitry Bosov’s widow to win control over her husband’s assets

Katerina Bosov

LIMASSOL, Cyprus, 13-Jul-2022 — /EPR LAW NEWS/ — Henry Bertson, HBC Consulting expert, believes that the Limassol District Court will investigate all the facts related to the attempt of the coal oligarch Dmitry Bosov’s widow to win control over her husband’s assets. Recently his inheritance has been transferred to the parents and children of the deceased businessman. Having tried other ways to establish control over her husband’s coal empire and his property, Katerina Bosov filed a lawsuit with the Limassol District Court, where the majority of the coal king’s assets are registered. According to HBC, the list of law violations committed by Katerina in the struggle for inheritance is already overlong.

After Dmitry Bosov’s suicide in May 2020, Katerina Bosov betrayed his relatives’ confidence and headed the Board of Directors of the Sibanthracite coal holding, founded by her husband. From the HBC’s point of view, her aim was to win control over Alltech company registered in Cyprus. This very company owned the Sibanthracite holding, which was worth over $1 billion after the death of its owner. To implement her plans, Katerina even involved an interested notary. However, these plans were thwarted by the parents and other heirs of the businessman. The venturesome Katerina was suspended from managing Sibanthracite.

According to media sources, the war for Dmitry Bosov’s inheritance continued for several years. It has become clear that the oligarch had earned his fortune long before his marriage to Katerina and she had no rights to claim for business and property. Moreover, evidence of law violations committed by Katerina in her pursuit of inheritance was analyzed. According to HBC and the media, this could have been a misrepresentation of the notary and an attempt to make a deal with the investigator.

Close attention on behalf of law enforcement agencies, investigating, in addition to the seizure of shares, the case of incitement to suicide, forced Katerina Bosov to move to Europe. Meanwhile, her routes are still typical for glamorous “girlfriends” of wealthy businessmen from Eastern Europe: Nice-Monaco-Milan. According to HBC data, she is currently in Italy waiting for the Limassol District Court to hear her counterclaim for her share of stock in Alltech. Simultaneously, Katerina is trying to influence public opinion in Cyprus, posing as a political refugee.

In Italy, her plans regarding Dmitry Bosov’s assets failed as well. The Tuscan authorities strictly forbade Katerina from selling the Villa Guidiccioni, purchased by her husband in 2019 for himself and his daughter, since Katerina is not among the owners. As is known, Dmitry Bosov did not leave a will. The HBC expert believes that Katerina has complicated her way to obtaining a residence permit in Europe by displeasing local authorities. Therefore, the Cypriot court remains the last hope of the coal king’s widow. However, the HBC experts are sure that all Katerina Bosov’s actions since the day of her husband’s death are widely known to the public, therefore, the satisfaction of Katerina’s claim is very doubtful.

SOURCE: EuropaWire